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  1. The rain was coming in hard, as was the wind. All around Ojo were scampering pedestrians and cyclists trying to find cover from hail of bullets from the sky. A single pale emerald eye peeked from under a tightly stitched hood. Ojo hid his face from view as he scanned the busy downtown street of St. Harrisville, a bustling city complete with subway and the world's most modern technology.
    "I need to find some place to crash before those alchemist fucks get a hold of my ass again." He spoke to himself as crowds of people now had emptied the street. Ojo made his was down into a subway tunnel and sat on a bench under a flickering florescent light, faded raven black hair finally came into view as bandaged hands removed the stitched up hood.
    "Now I'm gonna find you and get some answers.." he mumbled to himself as he pulled out a cracked hand mirror and viewed his face. Like any other face, Ojo's had nose, mouth, and a pair of eyes and ears, except, his right eye was black. That's it. Black.
    Ojo remained on the bench and waited for the rain to susbside until he want back to searching.
  2. Maia hurried along the street with her umbrella. She was trying not to let it fly away, the wind whipping her around. She was bundled up in an old rain jacket, scarf and rain boots. She hurried into the subway tunnel so she could catch the next train that would take her back to her home. She was running late after a long day at work and was just ready for some rest. She noticed a few people down on the platform and offered a nod to a few who peered at her. She offered a smile to a man who looked as though his hands were bandaged. She frowned and looked at them for a second but did not want to seem rude so she moved on.
  3. Ojo looked glanced at a woman who flashed him a quick smile as shecstarted to make her way down the subway platform. He chuckled to himself softly and looked at the stairway that led into the tunnel itself.
    It had been ages since someone even acknowledged his presence.
    "I guess Times ha- a sudden gasp escaped his lips as he caught a glimpse of static going down the stairway. "Shit. GET OUT OF THE WAY!" he yelled, already too late as a jagged pieces of stone erupted down the stairs, impaling innocent civilians.

    Flocks of scared victims ran down the platform as Ojo bombarded against them, his black eye now adorned with an illuminating red pupil. He wasn't about to die here in a tunnel and readied himself for battle. The scarfed girl must've been caught in the crowd as she passed by him along with others.
  4. Maia just heard the yell when she noticed the explosion. Shrapnel flew through the air and she immediately was hit with some. Nothing too severe but it was enough to make her fall to her knees. She looked down at her arm, a red stain blossoming in her coat as her arm began to bleed. She quickly unraveled her scarf and wrapped it around the wound so that she could staunch the bleeding. Her eyes widened as she watched the panic and chaos. She was surprisingly calm through all of it and her mind worked in a way that most others did not. She assessed the situation and noticed the man from before. He knew something she did not... She followed behind him stealthily.
  5. The jagged pieces of earth soon sank into the ground to form a path for three masked figures. All three had the same attire and blank expression on their porcelain faces: two narrow black diamonds for eyes and three vertical lines in place of the mouth.
    "face judgement, Homunculus ." The masked beings hissed in monotone unison as one separated from the trio and slowly made it's way towards their target; The remaining two fell to a knee and placed their hands on the cold cement floor.

    "Get out of my way- Ojo quickly placed his hand on the The right side if his head and yelled- OR DIE!" A sinister blood-red beam shot from his eye and the trio dispersed, colliding with the wall and sending the surrounding area ablaze. Ojo smirked as lights began to flicker and debris flew by him. He scanned the area trying to find his enemies.
  6. Maia watched the mysterious man as she continued to dodge the debris. She made sure that her wound was covered on her arm. She just about had enough when she saw what his eye could do and her jaw almost hit the floor. A beam... A red beam had shot from his eye and caused even more chaos. She had to admit it was something that she had never seen anything like that before and it was certainly badass. She crouched down as he turned, not wanting to be seen in case he mistook her for someone he did not like.
  7. It was silent in the tunnel, except for the crackle of burning debris. Ojo quickly shook his head and darted for the right. These alchemists had no desire for reason and we're hell bent on destroying Ojo; he had to make a quick getaway before they converged on him once more. It wasn't until then that he noticed the woman from before, only now red was running down her arm and efforts of trying to hide away were visible. He turned his head back in the previous direction, shooting another death beam from his eye, sending dust and debris flying once more.
    Under the cover of thick clouds of smoke, Ojo quickly sprang to the aid of the young woman and crouched beside her, a saddened tone of words escaping his lips.
    "Please forgive me for the wound." With that said, he picked her up with ease and made break for it down the now dark subway tunnel.
  8. "Whoa!" Maia replied as she was picked up into a pair of seemingly strong arms. She was ready to try and fight whoever had picked her up off the ground but she noticed that it was the man she had passed earlier. The one with the interesting eye. She was rigid in his arms and decided to loop hers around his neck to hang on tightly. She would let him take her to safety and if she got the chance Maia would ask him about his eye because she was curious. She was naturally inquisitive. Finally she came down from her thoughts and looked around to see if they were safe. She couldn't be sure as dust swirled around the pair.
  9. The dust soon started to clear as the two quickly made distance between them and the chaotic scene that took place just moments ago.
    "They'll be back. They just wanted to make their presence known." He broke the silence with a cold serious tone of voice.
    "Remind me to take care of that wound of yours when we get somewhere safe...you're bleeding all over me." He said laughing a bit, trying to mellow the mood.
    They finally made their way to another stairway that led out to the surface streets, crows still gathered around the entrance along with first responders and a still roaming showers. Ojo didn't want to take another chance on another encounter, so he carried off the woman to an alleyway Just adjacent of the subway entrance.
  10. Maia frowned. She didn't mean to get blood on the mysterious man that was carrying her. "Um, sir?" She piped up softly and peered down to the ground. She now felt unusually shy and chewed lightly at her bottom lip. "I... can walk just fine." She told him and tried to shield herself from the rain that was still driving down in sheets. Where had her umbrella gone? Probably left somewhere in the wreckage that was now the subway tunnel. "And may I ask your name?" Her voice was soft at the last question like she was hesitant to learn about this man.