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  1. October 1st means I can now join the Halloween bandwagon and nobody can stop me! >:D

    Anyway, with Halloween just 30 days away, I'm wondering if there's any of you who are the much admired DIY Halloween people. Who are these? They are usually the ones who tend to go all out by making their own costumes, decorations, candies, etc. Any of you planning to personalize your Halloween experience this year? And if so, what are you gonna do?
  2. I now have a giant BIN of various costume pieces and baubles. c__c; It's a combination of renaissance fair stuff, old cheapass "in a bag" costumes I gutted and put together to make something better, and random cool stuff. 8D In the future I do plan on sewing new costumes, I've just hadn't had the stars align for that yet.

    Halloween is huge in this house. O____O We've slowly been getting more and more awesome halloween stuff for the bestest haunted house ever. ...and then we kinda leave a lot of the stuff up all year long. c_c; cause we're spooky creepy dorks.
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  3. I've considered haunted house stuff. I was just thinking earlier today that a framework of PVC and some of that reflective window cling would make for an easy to set up mirror maze. And better still, if you put something behind the film and turn on a light it can be seen. So... reflection turns into scary monster!

    Also, I need to find my grey fabric so I can make tentacles!