Homedwellers! What are you most excited/nervous about for moving out!

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  1. This is for those who still live with their parents/guardians; what excites you about the day you strike out on your own? What parts make you nervous?

    Experienced move-outers, I'll summarize advice here in the top post; message me INSTEAD OF REPLYING if you have more to add

    #1: have money to spare. Save roughly 1years worth of rent for emergencies

    #2: learn to cook with veggies and meat; buying premade meals will eat your savings

    #3: if you don't clean it, no one else will. Clean messes as they happen

    #4: meal plan and only buy the food you need for those meals

    #5: always be polite and respectful to your neighbours and landlord; you'll find they're much more willing to accommodate you when you need them
  2. I'll be alone, that makes me the most nervous. I hate being alone, unless I'm frustrated or just getting up from sleep. Other than that, I'm generally excited to be on my own and make something of myself out there. 2 more years! :D
  3. R
    Rommates, yo!
  4. Yeah, but a lot of the time roommates aren't the easiest to live with.
  5. Neither is family, but unless you earn four-digit paycheques, odds are you'll need one
  6. Point taken.