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  1. Posting this here because I'm too tired to make a full blown super pretty Sign Up and also because I want to know if there's any takers before I go all out.

    So here's the idea:

    Your parents hate you.

    No, just kidding, but they are extremely pissed at you. See you and your kooky group of friends fucked up big time. You did something that you thought would be hilarious, but instead it turned out horrific, it endangered you guys, injured a few people but most importantly, it embarrassed your parents.

    So this summer, instead of going on a trip to Italy (or whatever) with your parents, they and the parents of you friends have decided to send you to a summer camp called MITA (Military Ideals Training Adolescents). It's basically the Nick Junior version of prison. And you and your friends are going to be staying there all summer long.

    Anywho, your parents are informed by the MITA counselors that you all will be picked up in front of your houses at 8:00 AM sharp by the prison camp bus.

    You've got all your shit, like your luggage, your tears because your summer is going to suck absolute ass, and your parents are getting ready for their vacation in Italy (or whatever).

    So no adult supervision whatsoever.

    If you made a break for it right at that moment, you would be home free.

    And so that's what you do.

    One of you little shits snag the keys to your daddy's/mommy's car and you crazy kids take off. The adrenaline is rushing through your veins and suddenly Mr. driver remembers that he/she never actually completed their driving lessons.

    Adrenaline turns into terror and you all start panicking. Some of you know how to drive but don't know how to deal with emergency situations and so the some of you who actually have licenses, grab the wheel at the same time. The car spins out of control and you crash.

    Everything goes black.

    And then slowly one by one you all wake up and find yourself in the woods. Miraculously, none of you are wounded...Well...Kind of. For some reason you all know each other but you don't know anything else. Or rather you cannot remember anything else. You just know that you are running away from something.

    However during all of this confusion, some of you are starting to realize that something's up. For one thing, the car that you all stole is in one piece, however none of you can go near it because it's giving off a crazy electric charge. The smarter ones of your little bunch eventually come to the conclusion that the car may or may not explode at any given moment.

    So you guys have to decide; Will you stay or will you go?

    So that's about it. This rp will be a choose your own adventure type of thing. I will occasionally post decisions post, with two or more choices in it. You guys will discuss what you want to do in the OOC and whatever choice gets the most votes, gets chosen.

    The genres of this rp will be Modern Fantasy and superhuman. As the story goes along your characters will start to develop powers and a few physical mutations.

    Now this isn't just an 'oh characters have amnesia let's find out why' type of rp. There will be a bad guy (well multiple) who will pursue the characters. (Can you guess who the bad guys are?)

    Any who, who's interested?
  2. Smells like a blast.
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  3. Interested!!!
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  4. Keen
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  5. Alright, I'll bite.... And since this is something I LOVE and don't see being used that often, may I suggest random power/mutation generation? *Big shit eating "I totally don't bring this up to every power related rp" grin*

    And to your question, how many people can reasonably fit in the car?
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  7. @Potatocat
    Thank you for that wonderful suggestion and that question!

    Here's how the power thing shall work. I will use site's random page to determine you guys' powers. And I will roll a die to determine the severity of your physical mutations. I will then pm you your power and mutation number.

    Mutation numbers apply to this chart (which isn't really a chart because I have yet to learn how to do those.)

    1 - Nothing
    2 - Nothing
    3 - Nothing
    4 - Discolored eyes (you choose color)
    5 - Lack of pupil (so just whites of your eye)
    6 - Deformed ears (tattered, pointed, dwarfed or enlarged, you choose)
    7 - Pointed teeth (All teeth are pointed like a shark) + Clawed nails
    8 - Extra teeth (you choose what kind of extra human teeth.)
    9 - Forked and elongated tongue (retains the regular human thickness)
    10 - Scales and cracking voice (like puberty cracks)
    11 - Nothing
    12 - Nothing

    Big thanks to potatocat!

    And about the car...Hmm....Maybe a Ford Expedition? It can seat eight people.
    @Captain Wumbo
  8. Hot dog, that voice crack one is severe...
  9. xD All of those mutations and the voice crack is the most severe?
  10. ...
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  11. This looks cool, I might join :)
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