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  1. I'll post my skeleton soon.

    We can talk about plot and stuff here.
  2. Okie dok! I'll have him coming home annoyed with yours, and I think England for the setting.
    I'm working on my skeleton now.
  3. Name: Luca Keller

    Age: 23

    Looks: http://25.media.tumblr.com/5832a163876af7eaf9cfb478ec45812b/tumblr_mezxseWT0i1rmz31go1_400.jpg

    5'3", 102lbs, brown eyes, brown hair.

    Personality: He's very devious. He can also be very giggly and sweet, though. Luca is childlike. He doesn't really understand limits when it comes to things like alcohol or drugs. He's not exactly an addict but when he uses he goes overboard.

    Specialty: Theft

    Bio: Luca grew up in foster care and then on the streets his teenage years. He taught how to steal and he joined the Italian gang. He's one of their best thieves.

    Other: He has his ears pierced and a tattoo of a Joker card on his left arm.
  4. Name: Aleksei Vetrov

    Age: 27

    Looks: Strong jaw, sharp features, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, broad shouldered standing at 6'2, 220 lbs of pure muscle

    Personality: Alek is an asshole at the expense of others and won't hesitate to put someone down or laugh in their face if the mood strikes him. He's a fun drunk and can drink many a man under the table, though if he's upset one can expect constant and petty torment from him

    Bio: Alek was born into a Russian mob that relocated to England a few years after his birth. He can get away with more then others considering he's the leader's great-nephew, but even Aleksei wouldn't come away scot-free if it got out who he was dating.

    Other: Aleksei is a champion knife thrower and frequently does it for money at bars.
  5. I love him xD
  6. I'm glad I love Luca too the cutie
  7. Thanks xD

    Do you want to make the thread and just start that way, then?
  8. Yes that would be cool.
  9. What did you want to name it btw, I was thinking Ice and Cabbage, it's old 20s gangster slang for Diamonds and Money. I figured since they're are both involved in a gang why not.
  10. That sounds perfect!