Holy Shit I'm a Grownup

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  1. Do you ever have a moment where you're just like "Holy Shit I'm a Grownup"?

    Sometimes it's one epiphany, but more often they're little reminders that crop up repeatedly. Sometimes they're depressing like "man, what happened to my youth?" but sometimes they're like "fuck yeah I'm a grownup!

    • I can fix all the shit. Fuck off with your service fees

    • I'm thrifty as fuck; I make my shit last - don't throw that away it's still good!

    • I can find all the shit myself, I'm a fucking pathfinder.

    • I can DRIVE everywhere. I could drive even to other countries, I have a passport.

    • Kids refer to me as a lady, workers call me 'ma'am'. FUCK YEAH I'M REFINED AS FUCK

    • I give advice and help my younger friends with shit they haven't dealt with before. COME TO ME YOUNG GRASSHOPPERS I WILL BE YOUR OBI WAN.
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    • I wake up with a hurt back sometimes.
    • I go to sleep with a hurt back sometimes.
    • I get cranky over loud neighbors.
    • I find myself worrying over getting my bills paid.
    • First thing I look at are interest rates for all credit/loan anythings.
    • I can't stand youngsters.
    • I can empathize with older people that used to tell me that I'll "understand one day."
    • I complain about youngsters.
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    • When you hear that it's February, meaning that you have four months left until you finish high school.

    • When your friends are talking about what they are going to do after school is over.

    • When you're giving helpful tips and advice to your younger friends in the same high school.

    • When things are changing around your city/town.

    • When they are moving your high school into this new high school next door that will be completely INDOORS, WHICH I AM FUCKING UPSET ABOUT BECAUSE I HAD SPENT MY ENTIRE MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARS WITH OUTDOOR LOCKERS AND BEING THE BOTTOM LOCKER SUCKS BECAUSE IF IT RAINS - OH YOU'RE FUCKED AS YOUR STUFF IS COMPLETELY WET. IT'S UNFAIR THAT THE FUTURE KIDS WILL HAVE INDOORS LOCKERS :( i want them to suffer on raining days and see their faces when their lockers are flooded
  2. I'm not an adult yet, I still have a bit to go, but:

    You guys could run for office, if you guys wanted to, and had the resources to.
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  3. "I don't recognize who half these famous people are anymore."

    "Slang terms these days are fucking stupid."

    "I can't move back home if things start going to shit anymore."

    "I can't lose this job because I won't be able to make ends meet unless I keep this level of income."

    "Oh, cool. I can afford all these video games now but I don't really feel like playing them."
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  4. Dropping an obscene amount of money to get your jeep out of the shop on the same week you have to pay your mortgage and utilities bill, and somehow still finding enough money left over to eat something more than bologna sammiches all week.

    Knowing what an Escrow payment is and how it affects your mortgage every year. O__O

    Furniture that mATCHES. and it's not picked up off the side of the road and full of spiders when you get it!

    Realizing all those times adults told you things that offended you and pissed you off as a teenager were actually right. ._____.;;

    Forgiving and understanding my parents for my not-so-great childhood. @____@ That was a big one.
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  5. My youngest daughter is turning 10 in May. Is that grown up enough? No?

    • When I go shopping, I always get what my kids need first, then my husband, and if there is anything left, myself.
    • I can eat cake for breakfast, but I do not.
    • The first thing I reach for in the morning is a cup of coffee.
    • Bills come before everything.
    • I give dating advice to everyone. They all seem to think I am an expert since I have been married for so long.
    Being grown up sucks....I want to be a kid again.
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  6. Having to actually budget and not be able to spend money on whatever I want was a big one. Thankfully I'm still in a place where I can afford to splurge now and again, but it was a pretty big adjustment when I couldn't just drop $10 on a League of Legends skin or Guild Wars 2 gems when I wanted to.

    Having to go into work when you're not feeling well because you need the money and can't miss a shift. I work at a hospital however so if I'm quite sick, I'm not actually allowed to come in. They'll send me home.

    Seeing someone born in 2000 and thinking 'you're a fetus, why are you on the internet' and then realizing that they'd be 15-16 years old.

    Whenever I see/hear a teenager using all this funky slang and I find myself unable to understand a word they're saying.

    When I use old memes or internet jokes and people younger than me go 'wat.' I just want to be able to say 'I'm sorry for your lots' or 'but what are your thoughts on yaoi' and have people just understand. >:(

    Also when I called my hairdresser and made my own appointment for the first time

    Growned up
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  7. I got one more to add:

    "Who am I going to vote this year?"
    • When you plan for, buy the ingredients for, and cook your own meals

    • When you budget and stick to that budget, and find the discipline to ignore things because they don't fit the budget.

    • When you start to sound like your mother

    • When the new "hot" actor on the scene is too young for you

    • When you understand why sleep is such a luxury
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  8. I have to make my own doctor appointments
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  9. Oh dear lord I feel this. Also

    • Hearing that the toddlers you used to babysit are in highschool now
  10. I'm not old, damnit, I'm experienced as fuck!

    Now if you don't mind, either cut my lawn or get off of it!
  11. I'll see that, and raise you 'Hearing the toddlers you used to babysit for are getting married and having kids'.

    That's when you feel old!
  12. Well to begin this story relates to me


    I have a younger sister who is 11, and asks me when I go home to visit to do things, and I tell her to go ask other because I can't make those choices, when in reality I can ><

    1. When home is not longer your parents house. You call it home, but you haven't lived there in nearly four years.
    2. When your sister (this one is 20 and lives at home) tells you, you don't have a lot of bills to pay and you look at her going 'bitch I pay all these bills' then list them all out and she shuts up reallllly fast.
    3. Teenagers, can't stand them.
    4. No longer able to pull all-nighters or super late nights and being able to function right the next day

    I'm sure I'll come up with more later.
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  13. Oh god the first time I had to drive my little brother somewhere...
  14. I teach Study Skills as an intern at a local high-school, and holy fuck, sometimes I feel like I've been transported into an older body.

    Sometimes I feel really young, like how...
    • I sometimes fall asleep in class when there's a study hall and I have to be woken up to let the kids out of class.
    • I may or may not be biased towards grading papers that have cool drawings on them favorably, and all the students may or may not know that.
    • I accept bribes of beef jerky and sodas from the vending machine in the cafeteria to overlook dress code violations.
    • I'm the only one in the faculty lounge that doesn't know how to fax.
      • Faxing is a strange concept to me.
    • I can have an in-depth conversation about Vidja Games instead of starting class.
    • I heard two kids discussing "RP," butted in and encouraged them to let their creativity blossom, only to find that they were talking about GTAV RePutation.
    And then sometimes I feel like I'm an antiquated rotary phone in a room full of iPhones, like when...
    • I dress shittier than 90% of my students, despite the dress code, and it hurts.
    • These fuckers meme better than I do, and my 7th graders don't even know what ragefaces are.
      • They don't know what a fucking trollface is, but they can draw a lenny without batting an eye.
    • Nobody gets my spongebob references.
    • Nobody gets my Samurai Jack references.
    • Nobody gets my Kids Next Door references.
    • I had to ask a kid to explain to me how to unzip a file on my mac.
    • I had to encourage a bully to leave a kid alone by basically bribery, after he started verbally abusing the kid after I told him to stop being physical.
      • I have to moderate kids.
        • Fuck kids.

    Honestly, looking over all of this, I'm basically this.

    On the side, I still sometimes reflexively ask for the minor discount at places. I was able to get by with pretending to be under sixteen when I was 19, but now I've gone from having to show an I.D. to being served wine without question.
  15. I'll give some input to this thread once I've actually grown up... half kidding here, as I still feel like a high school kid at times.

    I do feel like an adult when

    - an enlisted military member salutes me because I have an officer's rank
    - ordering a beer and drink it at a bar
    - having a beautiful, adult woman in front of me or next to me, and she actually wants to be with me and more
    - losing track of pay dates, because I have more than enough funds
    - older people at work ask me for advice and direction
    - speaking a language other than English or Tagalog (such as Japanese)
    - picking up a gun (when deployed or doing annual qualifications)
    - stepping into an armored vehicle
    - getting on a plane by myself
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  16. Financial responsibility is the biggest one for me. Knowing that if I fuck up and go overdrawn then I literally cannot eat, and having experienced that for a couple days on months when I miscalculate my costs, is a big "adulthood" thing.

    Also having to remember to call home to keep in contact. It feels like a big thing when I realise I haven't spoken to my brother or mother in a month when I've been busy and not gotten around to calling.

    Making phone calls. As a kid I literally never had a reason to make a phone call. Now I have to call people all the time, for doctors appointments and student loans and rent and all sorts.

    Having the Freshers in my hall ask "do you like this music" and replying "oh I used to in my teen years." Shudder.
  17. Money, having enough to survive and be happy, and use some to help my parents

    Going to my own place every evening

    Cleaning up my own place by myself

    Going out to drink with friends

    Grocery shopping

    I think those are the things that make me realize I'm grown up most :)
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