Holy Crap!

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  1. You know that moment you're searching the news and see a familiar name, click the link and the face of someone you went to high school with pops up?


    That chick!

    I mean, holy crap! She was always a bully in high school and got bullies (some of my doing... >.<) but seriously? I kinda had higher hopes for her, you know? She was really smart... really gross BUT SMART! :D Obviously not ttthhaatt smart.. still.

    Has this ever happened to you? Maybe it wasn't a case like this. Maybe the person you went to school with made it to the Olympics oorrr is the head of a big corporation.

    Man.. I'm still in shock. I knew this chick! -flails-
  2. The link is broken Celest. T_T
  3. Yeah... My graduating class was the first not to have any fatalities in our four years there, automobile death it seems is not a rare thing for high schoolers. Go us!

    So a six years later I hear about this girl dying out in Gaza. Not only did I have several classes with her, but I ended up rooming with a girl, of Jewish decent, that had been planning on going on that self same trip, though my roommate was not the type to do THAT.

    All in all, very surreal.
  4. http://krvn.com/news/index.php?more=x6rqiimq

    WATCHOW! Try that link.

    Yeah, this isn't the first time Alyssa has been in the news either. She got in it during high school for an attempted suicide in the school bathroom >.< I feel bad for her =/
  5. This has happened before yes. It was depressing, though. ><; It was an article about a guy I went to high school with. He got stabbed to death while he was out of town.

    I had no relationship whatsoever with this dude, but I was still like "Awh man, that sucks.". It's crazy when you stumble upon that sort of stuff.
  6. Yep, I had german class with this girl who's now known nationwide as a cross-country skiier.
  7. ok that wird i went to Jrk with a boy andi meet him in high school and i see him in an articla about been the richs peronnin canada and i think to my self what the fuck and he stoped come to school after the artical came out there were jronalsit tout side the school some quatoned me askinif i knew him i lied saying never meet him in my life andnshit hey i didnt want to be in the new
  8. NOPE :I
    Im young
    And just graduated last year(C/O 2012!!! WHOOO)
    So when im surprised to see a old classmates, its because theyre working some lame ass job :I
    "Hurry up with my damn Denny pancakes Shelby!"