Holstaurus Milk, Hidden risks

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The creamiest and sweetest Holstaurus milk is a treasure to behold. A rare treat and a memorable experience but not without risks. Drink too much and a man will become a bottomless pit of sexual drive and stamina, irresistible to any Holstaurus in need of company. For a woman, well too much and soon she will find herself getting to know the simple Holstaurus life all too well.

Things don't always work out as people plan however, it was full proof, put my savings on obtaining this thick cream. Then finally find myself a Holsta wife on a small farm and live life out in leisure and peace, always being tended too by gentle mooing wife. But demons and monsters certainly have corruption in their nature and my plan didn't work out.
It didn't happen straight away, it took sometime. It started with the addiction, I need more, any Holsta milk of any kind but especially the rich cream. It wasn't cheap and the debit began to build. Once I felt the itch in my chest I knew what was happening. That was around a year ago and things have seemed to calm down. No more craving for milk, not that its an issue anymore. My plan failed, a pretty awkward way to as well, somethings can't be changed, and while I may look like any perfect farm bred Holsta, I am not that lucky.

So that is the general intro to things, it can go many different ways and I look forward to discussing it with people. To clarify, I am a Holstaurus except I have the wrong equipment down below. Ideally I'd be looking to do this over skype. Before we start I would also like to get a feel for what direction it will be headed.

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