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  1. ~Plot~
    Daybreak Town

    A mesmerizing world that allegedly existed before the realms were born. Nobodies have made a home inside a mirror dimension that reflects an alternate vesion of this town. The creation of this dimension is unknown, but serves as the headquarters of the Lost Union. Heart-less townspeople wander the streets while seeking to fill their empty voids. A dreamlike atmosphere dominates the setting which coexists with an aura of wonder.

    1st District: Features a fountain square and dreamy houses that surround it's center. A marvelous clock tower stands high above the town, yet in the mirrior dimension, the clock counts down the time Nobodies have left to reclaim their past identities. Various vendors set up shops here that sell weapons and other useful items that a Nobody may want. Union meetings are held at the fountain.

    2nd District: A vast district that consists of very many alleys, parks, tunnels, and lots. Rogue Nobodies (creature forms) have been known to cause havoc here, but not too often. A dark lake resides here with a large pier, and it's a popular place where Nobodies sit to contemplate their choices.

    3rd District: The forbidden district that's entrance lies hidden within the mirror dimension. Only the founder of the Union and a few others have seen it.

    Sewers: A maze-worthy series of tunnels that run beneath all three districts.

    Head of the Union (GM-PC's)

    Syrus ~The Union's founder and gatherer of Nobodies who have lost recollection of their past. His self-proclaimed oath is to help restore the identities of his kind.~(Visual)
    Crystal Warrior ~An ally of the Union who helps return stolen hearts. Her reasoning and identity is unknown to most.~
    Kaede ~One of the first members to join the Union and a trusted supporter of Syrus.~ (Visual)

    -Corridors of Light- Much like the Corridors of Darkness, the Corridors of Light act like wormholes to transport the user to different areas or worlds. As an assumed Keyblade Master of Light, the Crystal warrior is able to use the corridors to transport herself and/or others to specified destinations when needed. This ability is granted to Light Warriors who have achieved the Mark of Mastery and have undergone special training.

    Union Tasks - Assignments requested by the founder that are relevant in achieving the Lost Union's collective purpose.


    Heartless: Dark creatures that steal the hearts from living beings.
    Rogue Nobodies: Nobodies that have lost their reasoning.
    Warriors of Light and Dark: Keyblade masters who destroy nobodies in order to build/delay their army's growth.

    Character Name:
    Motive: (optional)
    Talents: (optional)
    Weapon of Choice:
    Fears: (optional)
    Secret: (optional)
    Brief Backstory:
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  2. I'll have a CS up when I can.
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  3. Reserving one!
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  4. Definitely seems interesting.

    One question however: would you prefer we use completely original characters, or would it be acceptable to use Nobody versions of Disney/Square-Enix characters (within reason, obviously).
  5. As long as the character isn't one of the seven princesses (obviously) then that seems cool with me. Nomura never said Disney characters couldn't become nobodies. They're characters just like the rest, so I don't see why not. You'd need to give the Nobody version an altered personality and name of course. Same goes for the square enix character. How they became a Nobody will need to be discussed with me beforehand. I'm more open to Original and Disney characters than I am of anything else, just FYI. @CasketCase
  6. WIP!
    Appearance (open)

    "Yes, I'm undead, or at least I used to."

    Character Name:
    "Captain Richard Thatch, now shoo!"

    "Girl, or are you too dumb to see I'm a man?"

    "Fifty nine!"

    "Ma time on the seas has granted me a excellent understanding of water, and just how dangerous it can be."

    "I'm a captain and a captain has to lead not to mention how to fight! I'm more than capable of driving a sea worthy vessel and inspiring fear in my foes! Cunning too!"

    "As you can already tell I'm not the most gentle!"
    Weapon of Choice:
    Brief Backstory:
  7. I'm making Talents, Motive, and Fears optional for the CS.
    In other news, @Jess Incognito & @redlemonaide should be joining us as well.
    That makes 7 of us total if @CasketCase & @Axel Rover are still interested :P

    I'll be thinking up NPC's and may even make an example CS for Syrus.
    If anyone is unsure about anything concerning the Cs then just let me know!
  8. I'm still interested, I've just hit a snag in the creation process.
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  9. So, I'm not going to lie, I sat down to draw up a character and got quite stuck.
    Still interested, though, and I plan on finishing said character, but I guess I'll have to talk it out.

    For starters. Elements? I'm not very clear on their meaning or purpose.
    I played the first two games a long time ago and just did some research on Nobodies in particular. I don't know if I'm missing information or what. I apologize if this is obviously stated somewhere.

    Backstories...the circumstances of their being there, leading up to their changing? I just drew a blank when I got to this point, because I understand they aren't supposed to remember except under special circumstances. Not that that means we, as the players, can't know what their backstory is. Or you mean sort of what they've been doing since becoming a Nobody?

    So again, sorry if this seems like a me-problem. I just didn't want this to stop getting interest, so I figured I'd start a dialogue that could maybe help several of us out.

    Seeing what you have for Syrus would help, though.
  10. I needed to change Element to 'Attribute'. As there are other attributes rather than just elemental ones.
    This means they are able to use special abilities/attacks related to these attributes. More info (Read the numbered list under 'Ranking')

    Xemnas - Nothingness
    Xigbar - Space
    Xaldin - Wind
    Vexen - Ice
    Lexaeus - Earth
    Zexion - Illusion
    Saïx - Moon
    Axel - Fire
    Demyx - Water/Music
    Luxord - Time
    Marluxia - Flower
    Larxene - Thunder
    Roxas & Xion - Light
    Riku & Terra - Dark/Light

    You could even make up your own attribute if you wanted to, as long as I approve of it. Gravity and Life could be an attribute too. As for the backstory: Yes, what they've been up to since becoming a Nobody outside of the Union. Unless you'd like for your character to be born as a Nobody in your introduction. In that case, I may consider this section as optional.
  11. *Notice*

    Just FYI, Player characters will be able to wield keyblades. This could imply that they were Keyblade warriors who lost their hearts in the war. This also could mean they could either be a warrior of light or dark. However, without their memories, they are unable to determine which side they were on and why they use key swords. They could've also been in-training or neutral weilders who lost their heart in other ways. Regardless, using a keyblade is the only way they'd be able to set hearts free within the heartless, but only the Crystal warrior can return hearts to a body with her special Keyblade.

    Therefore, Syrus is not only gathering nobodies without memory- but he's also forming a union of keyblade wielding nobodies for a certain reason. The characters are welcome to have other weapons, but a keyblade is necessary for accomplishing their goal of releasing stolen hearts. That would mean the union is being formed after the Crystal warrior and the Keyblade was discovered/learned about which is revealed within the entry in the interest check. @Archwar @redlemonaide @CasketCase @Jess Incognito @Angelic Fusion @Axel Rover
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  12. ^ What are your thoughts on this? I should have an example CS posted sometime today, btw. I was thinking they could get keyblades after they become complete again too, so I'm not sure if the notice is definite.
  13. Name: Maxic
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42


    Element/Attribute: "Dragonfire"
    Strengths: Despite not knowing his past, it quite apparent that he is a seasoned warrior of great skill. Swords feel like an extension of his very being, yet he is not a stranger to neither weapon variety nor magic.
    Weaknesses: For reasons uncertain he is unable to speak, rendering him unable to communicate in all ways save for gestures. Perhaps it is best for someone as unsociable as he seems to be.
    Motive: Even with the lost of memory and emotion, he cannot help but feel that there is someone he must find. Knowing not their name, nor why he is so driven to find them, he can only conclude that all will be answered when they are found.
    Talents: For one without a sense of who he once was, he should have been disturbed by his efficiency in ending the lives of others, yet his mind and body must be so accustomed to it as he simply accepts it as what it is.
    Abilities: TBA
    Weapon(s) of Choice: "Dragon Fangs" - Swords that act autonomously in battle.
    Fears: TBA
    Personality: TBA
    Secret: TBA
    Brief Backstory: TBA​
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  14. Character in progress, should be up tomorrow ^_^ Went camping for the weekend, so didn't mean to disappear on anyone, sorry!
  15. That's ok! Just FYI, nobodies don't have to have to have an x in their new name. That was an organization 13 thing. I made sure my nobodies names have the same meaning though as their original name. In the same way Namine doesn't have an x in her name and isn't mixed letters of kairis name, but has the same meaning.
  16. Going to be house sitting for the weekend, so I may be MIA for a little. I'll try to post when I'm at work.
  17. ~WIP~



    Early 20's

    (In Overview)


    Light abilities and Distant attacks

    Sometimes loses control of his dark abilities which can be problematic to anyone around him, friend or foe.

    (Previously stated)

    Syrus rarely misses his target when shooting his crossbows.
    He has talented accuracy and is skilled at sniping from long distances.
    His skillful precision helps him notice small details around him that many may ordinarily miss.


    Blazing Sun (coming soon)

    Divine Light: A spiritual light ability that causes an aura of pure light to envelope it's user which greatly weakens and repels any form of darkness.

    Black Hole: A dark ability that allows it's user to summon a black vortex that sucks in enemies into darkness like a vacuum.
    Even the strongest of lights are lost within it's inescapable depths.

    Shadow Eraser (coming soon)

    -Weapon of Choice-
    Dual crossbows: one of Light and one of Dark.
    The first is styled angelically, while the second is a demon-like style.
    Each shoots endless energy arrows that match the quality of their elements.
    Syrus isn't known to wield a keyblade.

    1. Losing his past identity.
    2. Failing his oath to the Union.

    Syrus is good at pretending like he has everything under control when it comes to his leadership over the union.
    He is friendly enough to the members, but he usually keeps his distance in order to avoid forming any personal bonds with the others.
    His strong curiosity toward his past identity led him to found the Union, so he's naturally a curious vessel. Syrus prefers action over words and he's open to provide help to members in need whenever available.
    For one without a heart, he's discreetly protective toward others and deeply yearns to reclaim his past self. Whenever he is seemingly displeased or flustered, he will give his head a quick shake and sometimes raise the back of his thumb to his temple.

    -Brief Backstory-
    Before founding the Lost Union, Syrus was a born a Nobody with little recollection of his past life. Most of the other Nobodies still had their old memories, and for this reason he became highly determined to discover who he use to be.
    Shortly after, Syrus met another Nobody named Kaede who lost his memories as well and they slowly forged a bond over the years. Kaede helped him realize that he wasn't alone, and that others shared his questioning of forgotten memories.

    While searching for answers, Syrus encountered a Crystal Warrior who wielded a special key. Once forming an unexpected alliance with her, Syrus made an oath to help others like himself become complete again with their past identities. With the Crystal Warrior as his adviser, Syrus agrees to collect special nobodies that wield keyblades in order to release stolen hearts and to carry out a specific purpose for the new found union.

    He knows of District 3 and some of the unspoken things that exist there.
  18. Might change Syrus' weapon choice. Anyway, is there still interest in this? Been waiting for a completed CS.
  19. I don't think so matey. It looks as if people have lost interest.
  20. It does appear that way. *sigh* Guess I'll revive the idea on another site.
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