Hollow Vessels (A Kingdom Hearts RP)

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  1. Hollow Vessels

    An empty mold... all that remains of a life that once was. Do you remember? Your appearance, the personification of a faint memory. There’s a heart out there that belongs to you… You just have to find it, and have it put back into its place. Are you ready to make the sacrifice? To let go of who you think you are, and to fade into who you’re meant to be?

    Are you willing to lose the ones you tricked yourself into befriending? In time, you’ll discover that you do not truly exist. That you’ve always been close to irrelevant. Just a hollow shell that’s lost its center. You may want to hopelessly stay incomplete, or you might want to fill the empty void by becoming whole. Either way, you’ll always have that nagging itch that wonders who you once were.


    You’re welcome to our union. It’s an option you have in discovering what you really are… the only way to be reunited with your heart before you lose yourself. We all gather with a common goal… to complete ourselves when able. There are plenty of worlds infested with the dark creatures that snatch the spirit of living hearts. Our sole enemy, the “Heartless.”

    The first step in achieving our purpose, is to brighten up the worlds by eliminating the darkness. In the process, slaying each and every Heartless until we find the ones that took what’s rightfully ours--the one’s we’re drawn to. Finally, to fuse the hearts back into ourselves with the help of a unique key sword. Together, we can find the answers we seek—alone, we’ll eventually dissolve away like salt into water.


    Entry ??? While I sought out to find my own truth, I came across a warrior in crystal armor. Wielded in her hand, a key sword that released the hearts enslaved within the Heartless. In that instance, I discovered the key to unlock the mysteries of my kind. Out of desperation, I stole away the warrior’s blade by force… soon realizing that the key could not be wielded by just anyone.

    After sharing the complexity of my existence, the Crystal warrior did the unthinkable. She offered to help us with our cause. Anytime a heart was found that belonged to the union, she would help us become complete again when summoned. I imagined my gratitude toward her would be ever so great. Then I realized what drew me to the warrior in the first place. When she removed her helmet, an elusive memory was gifted to me from my past. -- I fear that things are far more complicated than I initially suspected.

    (This RP correlates with a future Keyblade War RP.)
    Here is a tragedy scene that I wrote which is connected to Hollow Vessels.
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  2. I can definitely say I'm interested! ^_^
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  3. Nice, good to have your support :iloveyou:
  4. I played 1 and 2....years and years ago, but I loved them dearly.
    I'm quite interested.
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  5. ^

    Sounds interesting.
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  6. Very interested
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  7. Pretty much the same. I've followed some of the fantheories since but have not played Days or anything.
  8. I'm willing to join, if only to experince what it would be like to be a Nobody, or at least that what is I hope.
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  9. And that's an experience I'm aiming to give everyone. @Archwar
    1 is my favorite, and I own every single game they've released except for Coded. I'm quite a fanatic. :glassesslip:
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  10. I recently extracted my PS2 copy of the first one to my computer and got an emulator, but I have no idea how to program controls and never got around to it. Listening to the menu music was nostalgic enough, haha.

    To be honest, while I love Disney, I thought the games could have been more sophisticated and somehow deeper without that element. The basic concept was interesting and complex enough they could have created an entire host of original worlds and had something different.
  11. Yep, sometimes the plot has me like :dizzy: Nomura clearly loves to abuse the plot twist element.
    They definitely could've taken the franchise a different, more simpler route... *sigh* That menu music doh :tearsofjoy:
  12. Dearly Beloved :3 Personally, I think they went about it just right. Everyone knows Disney and it was a nice reach back to the classics that really grabbed some people. If they'd gone another way, it would've been just another game (still a good one, but another game nonetheless); having those references is pivotal to the theme and marketing strategy. No to mention, if they had gone another direction, creating new worlds without the backstories we know going in, how many people do you think would have been petitioning for movies of those new worlds rather than just remasters/sequels of the old (that not everyone out there does want now)? lol
  13. Alright, this definitely peaks my interest, seeing as I used to be into Kingdom Hearts a ton. Maybe this can get me back into researching it. I have only beaten the first one, and played a bit of the second one.
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  14. Good point. It's ultimately a matter of opinion. I'm content enough with how it is now, and they have time to try out different things in the future. Even though the nobody factor and the heart sharing confused things for some people, it did keep alotta fans intrigued regardless.
  15. Seems like this idea already has a ton of members dedicated to it, and in only a day too, which is awesome. Are you going to wait longer and then start the sign-ups? Or will they be up soon?
  16. I'm currently including additional content into the OOC, so once I'm finished with that then it should be good to go :thumbsup:
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  17. And it's finally here :profile: The OOC will be expanded upon as we go along.
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