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Hey there.

I've role played before, so hopefully I can just jump right in. I hope I can get to know a few of you but hey, you never know, maybe I already do.

All the best.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku Mea, my name is Shadow Ike as you can see -laughs- but you can call me Ike. I am the leader of the Wolves of Iwaku, so if you've got any questions at all please ask and I may be able to help you -tail wags-
Knowing what the wolves of Iwaku are would be nice haha. Seriously though, thanks for the welcome, I'm glad to be here.
Welcome to Iwaku, delicious friend.

If you're looking for a game to just launch yourself into, look for a game marked Jump In that catches your interest; those you can just go ahead and start posting in immediately, no character sheet/GM approval required. There's also the OOC section where you can sign up for games that you fancy too. You've roleplayed before, you know the drill I'm sure.

You can catch members in the CBox, too, if you fancy a blather and a chance to get to know folk. We're all lovely, reallu. No mad people, sarcastic Brits or trolls. Honest.

Enjoy your stay.
I'll be sure to give the Cbox a go haha. I think i'll enjoy this place.

Welcome to the site.
Hi Meazles...

I'll try to be friendly because it looks like Willian Ryker, Lex Luther and Paulie from Mafia got into a car together.

I'm one of the globals! That means that if you have questions you can send them my way to be answered as quickly as I notice them. Welcome and remember to post otherwise Diana will eat you.
Well, my introduction to you was your post in my RP, which was awesome. I had to come by and say WOW I didn't expect a post like that as someone's second post, but here we are. Proof positive you have RPed before though, I guess.
Anyway, welcome to the forum.
Haha, thanks for the heads up Vay, i'll be sure to keep my act together. That would be John Luke Picard and Data =P

Thanks Xin, i'll be sure to keep them coming.
Oh hey. Another new person. We clearly need to band together in this new, harrowing warscape of violence and mayhem, if for no other reason than to at least appear strong.

Also, I approve of Night at the Enterprise up there. DOAN HURT ME. DOAN HURT ME. NO MOA.
I kind of want to make one with various critters from Silent Hill, but there's always the problem of trying to find a discernible head to photoshop out.

I like the Leonidas one too.
I wanted to make one with characters form Spyro...I'm not 100% sure why, but hey...