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There a literally dozens of different holidays from all over the world!
Which one is your favorite and why?

In my opinion, the best holiday is Christmas. It's when everyone in my family forgets that they hate [insert name of other family member] and they get together and get excited about giving one another nice things and there's food and a fireplace and.... it's just really nice ^-^
Hmmm if I had to choose I guess it would be America's Independence Day. Grilling out, chillin' with friends, having fun and doing what you want. And not to mention that this also means my birthday is less than 25 days away. So it is sort of like a Christmas. I like the heat better than cold anyway so it is perfect.
Well being the hopeless romantic that I am I love Valentines Day. Regardless if I have a Valentine or not I revel in other people's love for each other. The only time I ever have a Valentine is I find a girl who is single and hates Valentines Day. Then I get her a big bouquet of flowers to try and make it a little better. That is why I love it, for little deeds like that.
It's a tie between Halloween and Christmas...
See, Halloween brings out my muse to the extreme levels, which causes a spike in my creativity, which translates to my RP posts/art/costume.
Christmas is my chance to giftbomb the heck out of everyone I know, which makes me feel sooooooooo good! >u<
I love aaaaall the holidays! :D I didn't get to celebrate them when I was little, so we have fun with them now.

But if I had to choose favorites, it would definitely be the Fall and Winter holidays.

Halloween is awesome, cause I love handing out candy to adorable kids in cute costumes! Once we have our house, I'm going to go all out for decorating our front yard to look all scary like a graveyard. >:D Of course, the downside is that my boys are almost always at work for Halloween cause they work the night shifts. ;_;

Thanksgiving has always been a favorite, cause it's one of the few holidays we could actually semi-celebrate. We always had the traditional feast of godly awesomeness over at my grandmothers. Now, I am continuing the tradition by cooking the meal for my family and in laws. :D It's pretty sweet to have people looking forward to their favorite dish every year.

And CHRISTMAS. All the gorgeous decorations, pretty colors, GLITTER and lights! I love wrapping paper and shopping for presents! Picking out the new ornaments for my tree, listening to christmas songs. Planning what we'll have for Christmas dinner! So much fun!
As a Muslim, I only have two holidays :)

Eid-ul-Fitr : The Celebration of Happiness
[after fasting for the whole month of Ramadan, we have Eid to celebrate what we've achieved. Dressing up, eating sweets, going to the mosque for a special prayer and then visiting friends and having fun :) We also get Eidi ~ which is like eid-allowance-moneyasgifts
***Oooh. And On Eid, we also pay a Charitytax on each member of the family, which goes to the local needy people :)

Eid-ul-Adha: Celebration of Sacrifice
This comes from back when, according to Islamic History & the Quran, Prophet Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son. Just as he was about to do so, God sent him a lamb in place of his son. And thus, remembering Abraham's great love for God to even come close to sacrificing his own progeny for God's sake, after the performance of the annual "HAJJ" ~ pilgrimage to the Holy Kabah (house of Allah) in Makkah, Saudia Arabic, we all (regardless of whether we go for the Hajj or not) sacrifice a lamb/cow/sheep, etc. One third for ourselves. Another third for the poor. And the last third to our neighbors or family. :) This Eid is three days long so its more fun and excitement :P
So how do you go about the whole sacrifice thing? I mean, is it like normal sacrifice where you kill a live animal and let the blood run over the canteen floor...or do you like cook the lamb and stuff? (sacrifice but more celebratory)

Sorry I couldn't help it x) Actually, you just go to the Halal Butcher Shops (places where they butcher meat the Islamic way~ which is a little different because of the way we kill the animal and let the blood drain & say that we're killing it in the name of Allah~ sort of like how you can get Kosher meat). Most of the time, the meat shop doesn't actually "butcher" the animal, there's farms and stuff for that. They just cut up the kind of meat you want and give it to you :3 You know with that super fast slicing machine xD

AND sometimes what my dad does is, he buys some of the meat here and buys the rest in Pakistan (calls and places the order) so that the rest of the meat from our EidulAdha goes directly to the needy there + our family there.
Well that's pretty cool. And thanks for clearing up the image in my head. Honestly I was picturing something like a cute little Sakura clapping and jumping up and down with blood on her face from a lamb XD. *Thinks of ideas for the Iwaku Comic*
My favorite holidays are:

Halloween: I love dressing up in scary costumes and scaring little kids. >D And of course for the candy!!! Also, what me and my friends do: go to a corn maze or "Haunted House" and then most likely hang at the mall and go to Hot Topic (Hot Topic stays open all night on Halloween over here), and then we go to one of our houses and watch a whole bunch of scary movies. : D

Chinese New Year: (I am not Chinese), but I love their Chinese New Year. It's just amazing and beautiful. I love their culture for the Chinese New Year, and the cycles is another thing that I love about it.
Halloween, hands down.

I love dressing up, and eating a FUCK TON of candy and other junk food. It's the only night you can look and act a fool, and REALLY get away with it.
A lot of Halloween lovers and here I thought Christmas was going to be the popular one. You get a lot of candy, get to scare people, and apparently act like a fool. What would you do to Halloween to make it even better?

Mostly since I get to hang around with my family, the food is a big plus. Can't get into Halloween since the last few years we were living check to check so...Couldn't celebrate it. Didn't buy costumes, didn't give out candy. Halloween was awesome when I was a kid though before things got awful and this recession started. There were some good times, but bad times too though. I remember some d-bag on the street squirted people with a supersoaker when they came to their door. <_< Ah well, they got egged and stuff. :P Serves em right. Since messing up people's costumes is not funny.

I almost wanted to say New Years since that is my birthday but...It sucks being born on a holiday. Makes having a party a pain in the ass. I still haven't had a proper one. :P