Holiday Mood

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    [size=+1]During the holiday season, what is your favorite way of getting into the spirit of the holidays?
    Do you enjoy listening to Christmas carols, do you take comfort in lighting menorah candles, or perhaps in decorating your domicile?

    What scene do you picture when you think "happy holiday"?
  2. Most years, I enjoy donating. Time, services, tangible objects, whatever. That's the spirit of the holiday that I like. :)
  3. Decorating! :D Now that we have a house and an attic for storage, I can finally go all out with decorating for the holidays. So I am now slooooowly building up totally awesome christmas decorations so I can make my home a christmasy wonderland for december.

    Also, Christmas music. I love christmas music. But not played to death. >>; So I tend to avoid it until the week of christmas.

    And christmas movies. O___O I have a couple of my favorite christmas movies I watch every year. Like White Christmas.

    And Christmas Special Roleplays. >:3 Gotta have at least one of those!
  4. Thanksgiving = Turkey

    Christmas = Ham

  5. Christmas movies is typically how I get into the spirit. I've watched three different versions of the Christmas Carol just this week so yeah... I think it was a little bit overkill but it's okay!

    Once I have some spare change, I'd like to get some decorations up, probably some outdoor lights and then some of those lit lawn ornaments.
  6. This year has been a bit off. Last year though it was both decorations and Christmas movies that Drew introduced me to. He is trying his damnedest to get my mother and I better at Christmas!

    On the whole getting into the "Christmas Spirit" is very new. Like starting-last-year new. Music just annoys me if it's overkilled like on the radio or in stores, so like [MENTION=8]Diana[/MENTION] I tend to save it -- when I'm with my mom on Eve and Day. Old school movies that were stop motion also bring a smile to my face and warm-fuzzy feelings of Christmases when I was a kid and it still had a lot of its magic. Rudolph, The Magic Snowman, Abominable, the Raisin guys... I still remember all too clearly sitting in front of the TV getting yelled at to back away with the lights of the Christmas tree at my back, the rest of the room dark, in my worn down PJs with maybe a snack or a warm drink watching the reruns of those classics.

    I would consider an ideal happy holiday scene as a very stereotypical, gushy, romantic one. There are few variations to it but they all involve holding paws and cuddling as the basis. One is at the beach sitting by a fire under a hut that's been decked out with lights, watching the sunset with soft Christmas music playing and some good sulfite free wine, me leaning against him (or vice versa) and just enjoying each other's company. The other scene is indoors, same scenario, but in front of the Christmas tree instead of watching the sunset.
  7. For me, getting into the holiday mood means trecking through snow. Lots and lots of snow, preferably so much that it actually makes a neat crunching sound when stepped on. If there is no snow on the holidays, I usually feel like something is missing and I do not feel the holiday mood at all. Lighting candles and watching them seems to help a bit, but for me, there is no Christmas without snow.