Holiday Commitments

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  1. Every December I seem to find myself overcommitted with Christmas cards, secret santas, and gifts and decorations and events, by the 24th I'm so broke and exhausted, but also proud of myself

    What have you guys committed to do this holiday season?
  2. Work.

    I shall be walking somebody's little yapper, cleaning up after them, shoveling their walk ways so they do not slip and scrape their face off on the harsh, harsh ice, then I shall be putting up lights, taking lights down, and being an all around general lackie for my boss.

    On other Christmas Days where I didn't have to work, my traditions were trick or treating people by throwing snowballs over fences, being Scrooge and saying bahumbug to people who tell me Happy Holidays and putting water on my walkway.
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  3. My commitment is just to make this holiday as memorable as possible for me, my son, and my boyfriend. It's our first winter celebration as a family with our newest member. :3 I want to cook us a delicious feast, buy as many gifts as we can afford, make our tree look pretty, buy some lovely decorations...

    We can't afford too much, but dammit if we won't try. I'm also strongly committed to getting my son on Santa's lap for pictures! <3
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  4. Not spending Christmas with my extended family. It goes against the entire spirit of the season, but I just want to stay home with people I'm actually close to and just be happy. Family gatherings are nothing but stress, questions about my academic failure, shots at how much I eat, and all around negativity.
  5. Being someone who tends to over-volunteer and over-extend my capabilities, for the past couple years I have been making a serious effort to NOT to that to myself. O__O If I don't honestly really want to do something, I won't volunteer for it. If I know I won't be able to accomplish it within a good time frame or without driving myself and others crazy, I won't do it.

    What I AM doing this year is holiday cards! :D Cause it's one of my favorite things to do. We can rarely afford exchanging gifts, but by golly, cards are cheap and fun and an easy way to share a little bit of holiday joy.

    I also bought a duck to cook for Christmas dinner. O___O that's going to be an experiment. I have never eaten nor cooked duck before.
  6. Lev is trying to earn enough money to buy his parents and little sister sonething. While his parents make good money, he doesn't, as he's stuck in a waiting on which hasn't been raking I'm a lot of money like it used to be.

    Sooo....I'm tryna get a little more money to get the familia something decent cause they always get me nice clothes.
  7. Commitments? Hm.

    I will be sending out a small number of Christmas cards, and perhaps a few last minute gifts will be acquired for the people in my life who matter most. That's pretty much it though, as far as plans go.
  8. I'm doing Secret Panda with my anime club tonight! ^^

    I also bought a card for all the staff im my office

    And I'm making snowglobes for friends!

    I loooove the holidays :D
  9. Work. Work and more work.