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Holiday Cards!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Diana likes to send out Holiday Cards every year, and this year I was too busy to set up an official card exchange. c__c However, I still like sending out cards SO;

    If you would like a card from Diana, please send me your address in a PM and what winter season holiday you celebrate. :D

    And if you want MY address just ask! o____o
  2. Hahaha you wouldn't send ME a card!
  3. Yeah, I wouldn't! D:< Cause you won't give me an address!
  4. ~LALA Not me eitherr :D

    But why does Danana-chan like sending people holiday cards in the mail ?
    Why not ecards ?
  5. Because it's so much more fun to send and receive hand written notes in the mail than ecards! Especially getting to pick out cards for people or send them goodies. >:D
  6. WEE!!! I gave you my address!
    Because if you came to my house and raped me, I'd rape you back!!!!
  7. Can I tape that?
  8. Because eCards have no soul! D:

    Ampoule also enjoys sending out holiday cards as well...Amass enough and tape them to the large mirror in my living room and IT LOOKS WONDERFUL. Also, festive. =)

    When I said that I liked to do this, someone said that only old ladies sent out holiday cards...

    *looks at author of thread*