Holiday Cards!

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  1. i have the urge to meme
  2. Awwwwwww..... I'm falling victim to your praise!!!
  3. Anjuu walk out of the shadow and stare at him, "What brings you here?"
  4. "I don't know about that.. how can daddy be sure?"
  5. "I can reason with grandma."
  6. "Oh, that's just her natural pheromones. It enslaves everyone." Anya laugh softly, "Took me a while to be able to notice it but I still fall for it every now and then." Anya remember feeling the exact same way when she reached a sexually active age and met up with Lilith.
  7. Melissa cough softly and smile, "Do you want tea with the cake?"
  8. "Because she gets to drive me nuts." Melissa gently pour him the coffee, "She enjoys making people feel miserable."
  9. Because eCards have no soul! D:

    Ampoule also enjoys sending out holiday cards as well...Amass enough and tape them to the large mirror in my living room and IT LOOKS WONDERFUL. Also, festive. =)

    When I said that I liked to do this, someone said that only old ladies sent out holiday cards...

    *looks at author of thread*