Holdiday, blues?

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  1. Ya know some people struggle ver the holdidays ot keep happpy. Maybe they don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend maybe they have a depressing family. So let's put our heads together and see if we can come up with away to fight the Holdiday Blues. Also do all of you Blues Music fans out there, this ain't talkin' 'bout the genre xD.

    One thing that helps me keep the holidays away are cherry things. Either My Little Pony (YES I love it that much xD) Or the fun christmas stop anamation cartoons. Also, since i'm religious, i can look to the comfort of my church to help. They always have alittle sindig at the church on christmas for those of us that want to go. I always go and try to dance and end up looking like a complete fool!

    What do you guys do, if anything. I mean you don't hAVE to be sad to post in here feel free to suggest anything.
  2. I'm guilty of hating the holidays and their forced "cheer". It depresses me that people spend tons of money on worthless gifts to show their love or something, when love happens all year round! I'm hoping that this is the year that I finally get my parents to not send me stuff. And then those of us with winter birthdays get "not such a big deal" birthdays because everyone just got done celebrating stuff and don't really want to celebrate MORE.

    So my solution this year? I'm working retail. I can work so much I don't have to think about the stupid 'holidays'. :D I also have plans to spend lots of time with my most beloved friends, who know I'm cynical and still cheerful and love me anyway.
  3. I've had so many family issues with holidays in the past. Last year is one of the worst... Someone there had a gun, that's all I'm going to say. :/ Plus, my step-father is a dick when everyone wants to be happy. So, you can imagine how much of a Scrooge I can be about this stuff, and why my anxiety is at its worse during family times. Heh.

    This year will predictably be filled with trouble because of the limited time I have to spend with them and my mom's over attachment to me. So to help myself get through those dark times, I plan a little something for myself. Like, a day of fun that's focused on just me and my boyfriend with no drama llamas involved. I'll look so forward to it that no matter how bad things might get, I'll press on. Being goal driven comes with its advantage. I could tell myself that there are $5 waiting for me at my desk so I can buy ice cream when I get back from the trip, and still feel happily accomplished. :I
  4. Holiday blues? What is this that you speak of? I can't really pinpoint a time I've ever been blue over the holidays. Sure, there have been times where haven't been mad excited like I normally am, but i am not like upset... just content. I feel like I tend to live in the content mode BUT if I ever were blue... I would probably listen to music! Like the holiday music oorr those cute holiday cartoons. Just try and get into the holiday spirit maybe? I dunno.
  5. Blues! Perfect! I <3 Blues! Have some Blues!!

    <iframe width="640" height="480" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/g8MYsii4DZY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Wait... this... ISN'T about the music? Well, damnit! :(

    As far as keeping happy and sane in the holidays, I mostly just try to relax and enjoy it.

    I am a huge fan of not being forced to immerse myself in the cheesy manufactured "joy" of the holiday that you may find on radio and blaring loudly through stores.

    The closest thing to Christmas music that I enjoy is Trans-Siberian Orchestra... so I spend time listening to them, too. <3
  6. I... dislike holidays. A lot. Especially gift giving holidays. I always feel like people expect me to buy presents for every single one of my family members (those who celebrate anyway), when I don't really like my family outside of the ones I see everyday. So this year, I told my parents that they and my brother are the only ones getting a gift from me this year. (because I'd feel guilty if I'm the only one not giving something...)

    They weren't terribly happy about it, but they understand. Sort of.

    I don't even really like shopping for them, because it stresses me out @_@. My brother is easy to shop for. Like super easy. Anything video game related, he will love. I have no fucking clue about my parents.

    Just... bleh. I hate gift giving holidays. Too much emphasis on the gifts and not enough about being a family and being together. Its all commercial consumerism bullshit.

    What i do to fight against holiday blues? I hide. I stay in my room and avoid the relatives and the crowds of people and basically forget that its a holiday. It sounds horrible, but it makes me feel happier.
  7. This son of Sparda isn't really much of a Holiday Person. I was when I was little. I get tired of my mall playing the same damn Holiday music over and over again. It gets old fast.
  8. The last pleasant "cheery" holiday I can remember was when I was 8. It was a tradition for my whole family to gather together & my Grandma's house was the place that year. There was a big tree with lots of ornaments & little candy canes on it. All my cousins where there. We all played nice & got along well. Dinner was delicious & there were so many presents! I loved being able to see my whole family come together. It was always a very treasured time for me.

    Unfortunately, my dad (who was in the military at the time) got transferred the next summer. We had to move all the way across the country. It never really seemed like my parents actually got along. And even more so now, without any other family nearby to rely on. I usually ended up getting caught in the middle or I was always the direct cause of something. I quickly decided that if I wasn't worth much care, I'd have to find other people to interact with. Either that, or I'd just run away & hide to avoid my parents like the plague. Especially on "family holidays". Usually, in the place of our family, they would invite their friends &/or kids over, which was nice...to an extent. Their friends would keep them busy & hopefully the kiddy kids would respect my space. Unfortunately, during such occasions, I was always required to stay home, but I'd keep myself hidden, locked away in my room. If I got hungry, I would wait. I'd rather starve then chance having to get dragged into some stupid family feud.

    This went on for years...until the big fight. Causes aside, despite it being November & so close to December, I'd decided that I'd had enough. I spent just two nights packing what little bit I wanted to keep, before I left. At the end of the year, I ended up spending the holidays with some friends. It was a lot more pleasant than it would have been if I'd stayed home. ...But they could have at least called me. The next year, after Dad retired, he took what little of nearby family I had left & went back home to join the rest of our family that I'd been missing so much. I was given the option to go too, but I knew that would mean I'd be moving back in with mom & dad. I also knew that would end up being a bad idea. Despite it being such a difficult decision, I stayed behind with my friends. Afterall, I'd already adopted them as my replacement family.

    Ever since, things have changed. I'd been abandoned & betrayed by said "friends" & have spent most of my holidays, even if invited to join someone else, in somewhat of an awkward rut. So, I guess I've become rather bitter about the holidays. Especially any "family holidays" like the year-end ones. I wouldn't say I hate them, but I'm pretty envious of those who have a family of their own to spend such times with. I still believe that this is a very important time; However, in the case of Thanksgiving... I'm well aware that there's a lot I should be thankful for, but it's really hard to be thankful about the smaller things when there's much bigger things (such as family) that I really truly want. ...And, especially Christmas... It's supposed to be about love, joy, & care, but it's just become too damn commercialized. It seems to me that, especially in America, Christmas is all about the decorations or the gifts! (I understand that's not a general belief. It's simply an observation of where I live). I mean, it wasn't even Halloween yet & Wal*Mart already had all the Christmas shit out! It was barely Thanksgiving & the radio was already playing commercials that were specifically Christmas-themed! So much for the fun or meaningful holidays. Let's just skip straight to the one we can make the most money off of! (-_-; Sorry, the bitterness... Yeah...)

    Long story short, I haven't had a decent "family holiday" in 15 years. ;_;