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  1. Hello, my name is Athena. Most of my RPing credits stem from MYB (Formerly MyYearbook). I have since moved on to a few private sites composed of my friends from MYB. I have a vast amount of charrys and ideas all crammed in my head. I'm known as 'Miss Popular' there and is an inspiration to many of my co-hearts. I'm a fairly decent writer, who's range covers, fighting, romance, drama, Mature, and everything else under the sun. You name it, I probably have done it. I'm a very modest person who would rather the needs of others be taken care of over my own and I'm willing to help out whenever need be. I hope to enjoy myself here, as I've tried several other sites, besides my own, and they weren't my cup of tea. If you want to know more, just give me a holla.

    I am lesbian and enjoy plenty of HLA. So, let's do the damned thang!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, the website of opportunities. The place where your name can be Tasha :D
  3. Strange bitch. xD
  4. Greetings, Athena..

    MyYearbook you say?! That's where I started as well..And your name rings as familiar to me.
    Anywho, it is great to have you on Iwaku.

    If you need anything or have questions, please look for me or one our staff.

    See you around!
  5. Hello, Melia! ^_^
  6. Juku - You don't say? We might be very well acquainted then and not know it. o_o xD Anyway, thank you for the welcome and I'll do my best to get used to the place. :] Such friendly people here.
  7. ...are you a fan of Ender's Game?
  8. *Takes a deep breath*

    I hear so much about this MYB yet I have never seen it ever! D: Probably because I didn't put forth the effort of looking into it because Iwaku has made me thier slave Welcome to the community, Athena! Goddess of Wisdom, huh? I expect for you to finish all of my essays then, yes? >:[

    If there's something you need, let me or any other Staff Member know. We're here to make your stay here pleasurable. Not....not that pleasurable. o__o
  9. Melia - o_o Never even heard of that. I'm playing someone's daughter. *Points to the strange bitch named Mary* xD
  10. Caly - Well, it's kinda too late to look into this MYB universe now. xD It's dead and gone since they took our beloved forums away. *Sniffles* And, essays? o_o I don't think I'm that good to do essays, but I could certainly try! But, thank you anyway for your kindness. ANd, maybe it could be? :]
  11. Aww I thought maybe because of the name you might be a fan of Ender's Game. It's a book. My favorite book.
  12. Nope, I'm sorry. Mary came up with the name. I just do everything else. ^_^
  13. Wait is Mary your character or someone you know here? (I'm still kind of a newb here too)
  14. awesome! Gotchya! For a moment there I was like omg someone who has a character that talks to them like mine does. Nope. I'm still the weird one out.
  15. Heh. I did that once. Just for S&G though. xD That fourth wall, such a thin barrier. xD
  16. "I ninja kicked right through it! It must be thin cos i'm kinda a weakling." Sooo. This is Matt.