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  1. Moving this to a new thread, because my de-rail when you build more tracks? :P

    Any ways, what kind of hobbies do you guys have?
    Any Hobbies you're debating picking up?
    What hobbies you haven't done for a while that you want to continue?
    Anything else I'm forgetting to ask?

    (Proceeds to continue convo that made him start with thread)

    You got 32GB RAM, Triple Monitors and Playing GTA V on Max Settings yet? :P
    And don't see the issue with new hobbies. :/
  2. Hell naw. I'm not that much into PC gaming (I have a laptop and have a few games from Steam on it but that's about it.) I hate GTA and I will NOT poison my collection with it! >:O

    I do have some hobbies that I've been neglecting such as writing and reading :( Plus I have a huge DVD collection (most of the DVDs were my mom's so now I own them)
  3. I was talking Spec wise.
    It's a demanding game, so if you can play it on Max then you're good. :P
    See? :P

    Hobbies! :3
    That you can spend moneyz on! <3
  4. I sleep and play video games mostly
    I guess 8|

    I love writing - absolutely adore it - but my health issues make it really hard to keep up with it. Same with reading... unfortunately. Literally am unable to focus on the pages and it frustrates me to hell. Otherwise I just watch a lot of nature documentaries...
  5. Just the realistic ones? Or have you seen some of the hypothetical ones like "If Dragons existed, this would be their documentary".
  6. Just the realistic ones. I can't stand documentaries with dramatic narrators and fudged facts (AKA most Discovery channel documentaries these days...) Just give me some BBC and/or David Attenborough pls.
  7. I'm running out of room for all my shit though XD
  8. I know that feel. >_> It's one of the reasons why I don't write much anymore, aside from roleplays (and even then, I'm not exactly the fastest poster...).

    I do wish it was easier to dedicate more of my attention to reading, though. Among other hobbies I've been neglecting. :/



    They're just so much fun to collect and listen to. Just picking out something new and looking over all the packaging before you even play the disc is just... aaaaaaugh there's just so much to love.

    I've been trying to cut down on my vinyl-purchasing this semester, though, on account of that job that I still don't have. I've been... mildly successful? At least I'm no longer buying just about any Beatles album and therefore winding up with 2-3 copies of the same songs -- and instead I've been keeping my eyes open for slightly more specific albums, not to mention branching out with some other stuff. I've also been limiting myself to only buying one thing per visit to the record store... which is probably helping a lot. ^^" Pretty good for narrowing down the thing that I'd most enjoy instead of being all like "AW SHIT IT'S JAWN LEMON AND PAUL MCCHUMLY I BETTER HAND OVER ALL THE MONEY" -- especially since, I've noticed, whenever I buy several albums at once, there's always one that I love the most, and then the others kinda... don't see as much use... Besides, when I don't buy as many, I really value the ones I do get. OwO And, you know, I don't have to feel so bad about spending absurd amounts of money...
  9. Parkour

    Martial arts

    Table Top gaming

    Forum RP

    Bodyweight training


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  10. Clear out old unused shit, fill it with new shit. :P
  11. ANIME




  12. The one and only time killer.
  13. Photography, writing, knitting, filming, letter writing, and a lot of other creativities. Don't get to do much of them though, because I'm sick.

    I've been wanting to learn violin for a long time aka my whole life. Also piano.

    I wish I never stopped drawing.
  14. This is actually kind of fun.

    New hobby?
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  15. New hobby alright.
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  16. I did that! I'm a bit of a pack rat though XD
  17. I can relate to this.

    Took a random day of sudden inspiration for me to suddenly clear out some stuff.
    And even during it there was part of me going "Noooooo! Not that! We might use it for 5 seconds in 10 years time! ;A;".
  18. [​IMG]

    That is definitely my struggle XD
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  19. #TheStruggleIsReal

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  20. Very real my dear XD
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