Hobbies and Horror Stories

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  1. So being creative and an artist of MANY mediums, I fall in an out of love with my hobbies. I've been collecting dolls and figures on and off. Nothing specific as my tastes change. But I'm horrified. I've pulled out my camera to take some BJD shots of my Utena active styling doll to find something odd about it's clothing... the plastic doll it's self seems authentic but the clothing appears to be hand made. The pockets are off center and some things are held together poorly with clue or velcro strips. Long story short, be sure you know what's authentic when you buy off eBay. HAHA.

    What is or are yoiur hobbies?
    Is it an old favorite and a rediscovered love or just something you've been doing recently?
    Do ypi have any horror stories related to buying things for your hobbies?
  2. I do ALL sorts of art. Like you, I've gone in and out of hobbies. Most of the time, I get on major kicks of about one to two weeks, where I'll then find a new thing I like. I love drawing, writing, and singing with almost a constant fire, but my other hobbies, like digital coloring, poetry, and basic animation, come and go like the moon. When I've got a job to do, where I'm getting paid for it, I sometimes have to sit down, disconnect my internet, and do it.

    As for horror stories...don't let parents buy your paintbrushes. The wood on the ones we bought last August, which I've barely used, is already chipping, so I'll be painting either shoes or a new poster and then I'll end up with a green piece of wood in the wet paint. Pain in the ass to try and get out without smudging or ruining something. Also, don't try to send a school version of Adobe Photoshop to your email, it basically blew up Gmail. Be careful with colored pencils, sometimes you run out of just one color, and then have a bunch of obscure ones like olive green. Makeup in a mirror using a reference is bad, I ended up with kill backwards on my forehead. Luckily it was in Japanese, so no one noticed. I think.
  3. I've got a ton of interests/hobbies. Usually what happens is that I get to the point where I show expertise then lose interest but still do enough to maintain that level or just improve slowly over time. I've been labeled a polymath because of that. I tend to approach my interests with an all or nothing attitude and that's a horror story/frustration unto itself. I don't feel accomplished unless I show a high degree of expertise or mastery.

    I think the worst horror story of all is the fact that my interests do cycle. I hate that with a passion.

    What my hobbies/interests are? O.O I guess I'll just do the current ones: poetry, mathematics, physics, philosophy, suicidology, penmanship, fountain pen collecting and restoration, bunny collectables, erotic story writing, erotic photography, literary criticism, and cycling.
  4. I love reading books, but since I became a college student, I did not have much time to read them, so I neglected them. Then, during this christmas, I got Dune from my brother and... I basically executed the book in three days. It renewed my old love for reading and reminded me that I am still capable of covering a reasonable amount of narrative within a short amount of time. I have been trying to get back into reading, but having read Dune reinforced my belief in myself and the world of writing.

    As for horror stories, there was this really awful book I read once and it took me about half a year to cover the narrative. That might have been the reason why I have not been reading printed books recently.
  5. My main hobbies are painting, writing and drawing. I bounce between these three a lot, painting not as much because I have to set up my easel and supplies. That becomes a bit of a pain in the ass. As of right now I've been pretty good with moving between my hobbies... When I'm not on the computer playing a game. That becomes highly distracting for me. The other hobbies I have are music, sewing/embroidery, reading, and roleplaying.

    As far as horror stories... I once bought two crappy two inch background brushes for painting. I bought them cheaply because I couldn't afford to drop 20 or so dollars on a brush. So I set painting the background annnnnnd the handle just snaps clean off. -______-'' And then I notice a shit ton of bristles sticking onto my canvas. And then I notice this blank spot on the canvas that isn't covered with paint no matter how many times I had gone over it. Needless to say I got rid of both brushes and that canvas has been sitting out in my hallway waiting to be fixed...
  6. I like to collect weapons and various instruments of harm and killing

    I'm pretty sure I or anyone sharing my hobby has never suffered any pain or injury from it.

    And if they have, I'm pretty sure I can't post that here.
  7. That's okay Gibs, if it does ever come to that we'll put you in Iwaku's "Accidental" Attacker Protection Services.
  8. I, like most of you, am a painter, enjoying drawing, reading and all sorts of artsy persuits. However I also collect cameras. Not just any kind but the pretty or unique kind. I currently have a Asahi Pentax, a Polaroid 1 step, A Polaroid 360, a Minolta Super 3 circuit, a Cannon Rebel, and the new Minolta my mother got me for Christmas.
    This is where my horror story comes into place. The cameras I get are old so they come from garage sales, my family, or flea markets. My mother, God bless her, gets some spare cash by working a once a month flea market. She found this camera there. It is in fantastic shape and with some batteries and film, would most likely work. However its a Minolta Freedom. Aka, remember those plastic cameras every one had in the 90's? Yeah, I have one sitting on my desk, just in case my mother visits my house. XD
  9. Now we have old cameras. They range from the early 1920's to the mid 1940's/50's and up. They have been in the family forever. They look like this.


    Arent they cool? The whole collect was set up for a project. Lenese and everyhing. The set up is really nice. So much more stuff then we know what to do with so we just keep it as a collection for and memories of PawPaw (Grandpa told us to spell it that way :)). (And yes spell lens anyway you like)
  10. Drew, you sir are a show off. Lmao
  11. *Giggles and blushes* Well I wasn’t really trying too, honest. :)

    They are just so cool. They really belong to Parson. I just get to look at them. I want to add to the collection but we can't afford it and to get any of them in working order is big money too so we just have them as collector’s items. No real money in them just memories and such.

    My fancy camera is the one on my phone. Its such a fancay dancy phone aka the hockey puck 1000XL, also known as an Samsung. It’s the 2010 model with 3G and that I’m too broke to activate. It has a slide out keyboard that wobbles when you text. Yes Sir top of the line. Its right up there with the paper weight Chocolate Razor and Blackberry Chrome. I'm all about collector's items. Haha :)
  12. To add to your collection, shouldn't have to cost alot of money. If your using the majority of them as just collector items and your not very particuliar about the cameras you get, you can do what I do and buy the misused and poor garage sale bin cameras I get. They're pretty like yours but I think the most I spent on one was $5 and got my polaroid one step for...get this...10 cents. Just depends on where you look.

    As for the bestest camera being on your phone. A teacher once told me the best camera is the camera you have with you when the inspiration strikes. And nowadays who does't keep their phone on them? ;)

    Sorry there...got on a tangent...
  13. Aside from the obvious answer (writing) I also enjoy drawing. Drawing is something I went in and out of over the years, trying to find a style I not only enjoyed, but could actually do well enough to merit improving on. I settled on a Shounen Anime/manga style, which isn't as focused on cuteness and frills as shoujo, and has more of a focus on clean, sharp art. Shounen stories also tend to have more of a focus on action and adventure than shoujo, which focuses more on people and relationships. I sometimes draw short comics in chibi style, which I find better for humour since it's a very stylized, simplistic form.

    When I'm not doodling, I like to play videogames and play around on my accoustic guitar Lina (actually pronounced Lin'na, which is the elvish word for song). I also sew, both large projects like clothes (skirts, shorts, accessories) and costumes, and small projects like dolls, toys, pillow-covers. This hobby is also a small source of coin, as I sometimes do dolls on commission, and my older sister owns and teaches dancing. For her last annual show she got me to make some costumes, and says she will probably enlist my help for future shows if I'm willing. (for clarity, I only charge her for cost of materials if she makes the order. For her students, I charge a cheap labour fee, way less than what a professional seamstress would charge)