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I just needed a little place to talk and bang my head against the wall and be stressed. This doesn't necessarily need any sort of response, since I know what needs to be done and I'm positive that, knowing my own schedule and personality, I will probably come to the conclusion that I'm willing and able to continue with and not combust. Still, I needed to express this somewhere and overall, I'm comfortable here.

Schoolwork is literally killing me. I come here to relax in the evenings with a hollow heart, knowing I've just spent hours during the day completely often difficult and mentally taxing hours of work. Their expectations completely disregard the human need for sleep and I'm beginning to believe that the International Baccalaureate program is a method that the Europeans have cleverly adapted for American students to attempt to exterminate all higher thinking in America so that they can eventually take over. But I digress. I suppose that the weight of the stress mainly deals with the often lackadaisical nature of my teachers in instructing us in an efficient manner, though I know it sounds like I'm blaming others, their sheer lack of concern for our success or failure in many cases is not only unsettling, it is only contributing to stress. Not to get me wrong, the teachers are wonderful, dedicated human beings that possess a superhuman patience in some cases but I don't think that many of the teachers are properly equipped to aid the students in the undertaking of this rigorous program. The result is extreme distress, and I'm writing this after spending the last three and a half hours preparing the rough draft of a single, obnoxious paper that was administrated with almost no guidance on the part of the proctoring teacher.

Add to this, it is expected to complete one hundred and fifty hours of community service for the program. Mixed into our already busy lives, it begins to get a little bit cruel. The real factor that places it into the category of sadistic, however, is the distinct lack of aid provided by the school. They do not endeavor to set up volunteer programs with hospitals or other organizations, no, it is completely up to the student. Now, one hundred and fifty hours may not seem like much until you actually consider this. I tutored twice a week for three months and achieved thirty hours of community service. Hospitals are no longer keen on accepting volunteers, at least not here. There is a new paranoia, that these hellion children that offer to volunteer will in some way negatively impact the patients or attempt to use their position to steal drugs, etc. Parents are wary to allow their children to study with a private, volunteer tutor. In a nutshell without listing the routes I've pursued, it has not been easy finding community service, especially since IB does not have what one would call an open criteria in the first place.

I think that's the end right now, having vented my frustrations. If you took the time to read this, you're much sweeter to me than this tangent probably deserved, so thank you.
Poor Kitti. <3

I understand, really. Schools are cruel on so many levels, especially high school. 150 hours of community service, eh? x__x; That's pretty rough.

You've got my number AND my MSN if you want to vent to me personally, darlin'. I love you and am here for you.
I know you said this needs no response, buuuuut, To your community service type deal: Try volunteer work with a group for adopting dogs and cats. I mean, a couple years back, I went into a group called Animal Guardians of America and racked up over ninety hours, even though they only met on weekends. There's groups like that all over, I would think.


Call me if you need me!
I feel you there Kitti, the only classes I found worthwile in Highschool were the classes where the tacher gave more of a shit about teaching than their Pass/Fail numbers, and this is coming from the guy who literally slept through high school and pulled an A average.

Ultimately though it's not what you have that makes or breaks you, it's how you use it.
I went through the IB program too. You have my complete, total sympathy. If you need any help on ideas with getting those community service hours, let me know.