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  1. I'm curious about who would want to start a roleplay with me? Uhm I'm not super advanced but I can make a paragraph or two.(:
  2. I would~ I'm looking for more rps to do.
  3. Alright what about? I'm up for anything.
  4. What do you think about a girl that already has a boyfriend realizes she was fooling herself into thinking she loved him when she meets another guy. They would spend time together for a long time until she realizes her feelings for her new friend. She'll have to choose the one she wants to be with.

    We could add fantasy elements in there too. I have a character I could use for this, but he's a vampire.
  5. That sounds good to me.It's really creative,and it doesn't matter he's a vampire.We can add some fantasy stuff in sure.
  6. Okay, so we'll need to decide the other characters we're going to play as well. Like for example the current boyfriend, or the girl's best friend.
  7. Alright what do you think? I'm not real good about thinking this out lol.
  8. I think that I should play as the girl's best friend and you should play as the current boy friend. That way we can both play as a boy and a girl. Besides if our two characters spend a lot of time together then we wouldn't use the other two that much. Let's go ahead and get our characters ready for the rp too.
  9. Alright Umm so who's playing the girl? I'm kinda confused but anyway I'll play the current boyfriend that's cool.
  10. You can play as the girl if you want. I was thinking of using my vampire character as the other guy she falls in love with. I'm going to use my version of vampires for him just so you know.
  11. Alright that sounds good.I'll play the current boyfriend and the girl :)
  12. Alright, so shall I start it out or should I leave that to you?

    And do you think we should put our character sheets here and have this as our OC thread?
  13. You can start it out if you like. Yeah sure lets do that
  14. (Character Sheet Skeleton)

    Race: (Human, Vampire, etc.)



    Brief History:

    I am aware that Mark looks like Marshall Lee, but I made him up before that episode of Adventure time came out and they just turned out to look the same. Just letting you know in case you have seen Adventure time before. Also I don't know if I told you this before, but I'm using my own version of a vampire for Mark.

    Name: Marcus (Mark) Frye
    Age: 223 (Appears to be 18)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire

    Personality: Quick to help out, especially if the problem is life threatening. He'll do destructive things to his own health, but refuses to allow someone else to do the same. Mark believes all life is precious, but he doesn't care about his own in the least. He'll joke around although doesn't take a joke too far.

    Brief History: He used to be engaged to a girl named Evangeline because of an arranged marriage. Mark truly loved her, and she loved him dearly. But because of the vampire attack on their village everyone was killed during the transformation from mortal to immortal, except for him. Mark is one of the very few vampires that is able to go out in sunlight. All it does to him is annoy his skin and eyes, so he sticks to the shade as much as he can. Even the slightest drop of water burns him like an acid, so he avoids it as if it were the plague. Over the years he has tried his best to find love again, but gave up on it 60 years ago. Mark has also learned how to play different instruments to fill up his free time. He doesn't go to school since he studies on his own. He owns a house near the edge of town, which he built himself. Mark saved up a lot of money, and has stuff from his time that are worth a lot more money now. He sold just three of them to get the money for his instruments and other things he has around the house, including the materials he needed to make the house.
  15. Name:Layla Dawson
    Age:17 years
    Race: Human

    Appearance:<a href=" haired girl/Annabelle_Vampire/BrittStalin.png?o=29" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>

    Personality:She's very sweet and loves to be active.She has no limits to do anything she'll try everything dangerous and she loves it.Layla's personality is not of others it's very outgoing and living for the moment dangerously.She has a hard side sometimes too but rarely does it ever come out.

    Brief History:Layla has never really been in love before she's had a few boyfriends here and there but they haven't stuck out to her.But when she was a child she was taught manners and to treat everyone with kindness even the 'odd ones'.She was always popular but hated being followed around like they were.Ever since she moved out she has been working and getting her life in order,she has a small apartment and a small amount of play money.She loves what she does she is a care taker for an old lady named Clara.The family offers her more money then what she first got paid but she always has refused.Layla has not tried to find love that much since her job is taking over most of her time but she manages.
  16. Name:Kyle Mason

    Appearance:<a href=" with blonde hair/VioletZoeySmith1/Comets Ness/ti2.jpg?o=33" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>

    Personality:Very hot tempered and scary.He can get angry very easily at the sight of anything he hates,like Layla's best friend.Rarely is he ever as sweet as his girlfriend or loves her like he should.Dangerous to most people as he can kill easily.Kyle is very brave and has little amounts of friends like 2 or 3.

    Brief History:When he was little Kyle was always raised to be a hot-tempered boy,nothing sweet was ever given to him.When he started school he was always either kicked out or suspended had detention etc.Until one day he just stopped going and skipped began hanging with the wrong crowd and pretty soon became a dangerous little boy.He didn't find his power to be a werewolf until he was about 16 then for the first time he got changed into a werewolf by his 'temper'.He met Layla and made her his girlfriend for his friends love to tease her and make fun of her.His job is a construction worker,he's been there and owns it for a year and a half now.KYle makes good money and everything.
  17. Name: Alene Clark
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human


    Personality: She can be just as hot-tempered as Kyle, but is able to control herself more than him. She likes to stay passive now-a-days, but isn't completely against getting aggressive and physical with someone if she thinks it's necessary.

    Brief History: Her brothers liked to tease her about how she was a redhead and that's why she had such a temper. None of her other siblings had red hair like her and her father did and she honestly could care less. Alene enjoyed being different from rest of the family. She was always good in school, except for a few fights, but her father never punished her for them since they were all with boys. She is very close to her family, and is lucky enough to never have anything bad happen. Ever since her best friend started dating Kyle, she has been trying to get her to see how the relationship is bad for her, and how bad he is in general. Alene distrusts Kyle 100%.
  18. Can you start this roleplay? I can't think of a way to start it... > <
  19. Sure gimme a few.