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  1. Yeah I'm a demon kind of person. So I'm kind of more fantasy oriented, but it can merge in with modern if need be. I'm not much of a Sci-Fi or Apocalyptic person though. And I can't write Horror to save my life, though if someone wants to try for it, that'd be cool. I could figure it out. It'd just be more of a challenge..

    I'm not looking for huge wall of text RP's though. u.u I tend to disappear from Iwaku if I run out of ideas, but I'm still more of a "at least two paragraphs" kind of person, so really really short ones don't work well either or I don't have anything to base a post off of. D:

    I'm more of an Improv person, so I don't really need a plot discussion beforehand. Really I can work from a random post and then a story usually just comes out. (I never plan anything. Not even my novel has a real outline, just a list of chapter titles that give me clues to when something is supposed to happen, just not what.)

    Therefore, I do better with OnexOne RP's, and I need a partner. I have one running right now with InnocentAlice, but I'm trying to get back into Iwaku again and need some other folks to dally around with. Anyone interested?

    Character Art by Me:
    (I can paint, lol, just not well.)

    Can't Do's:

    Dialogue Based
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  2. I need some more fantasy rps ^^

    We rp'd together forever and a half ago, and you were really a good writer. I'd be up for a fantasy/demon based rp with you, if you'll have me.
  3. Oooh, yeah, I remember you. XD I saw you popping around the forum a bit ago too. That sounds like fun actually, I have 2 running right now, but I'm trying to keep active enough now that I have some more on the side.

    D: Is that Steam Powered Giraffe? I have no idea what that band is about but I see them occasionally.
  4. Yay! ^^ Do you have any ideas in mind? I can probably come up with something if need be, but I want to know if you've anything.

    And yes, it's Steam Powered Giraffe xD
  5. If you're still interested in another roleplay, I have a whole slew of fantasy characters the may fit well with yours. Also, what fandoms are you interested in?
  6. Fandoms are in my can't do's. I don't do them. I prefer all-original settings.

    I have a ton in my blog too, I use it specifically as a character sheet place. (I don't have any actual entries in there.) And really, I'm just up for some Improv lately because I've been horribly writers blocked. D: And I'm mostly looking for OneXOne's, so if you guys want to start two separate ones, we can do that. Or if its just us 3, that's fine too, but I'm not looking for a huge RP right now. XD I just wanna write as fast as possible and dig myself outta my funk.

    So it's really up to what you guys wanna do. I adapt super fast to whatever plotline is thrown at me. *Shrug*
  7. I don't know if you are down to take on another roleplay, but if you are, I would love to do one with you
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  8. I don't really like group rps, so I am down for a onexone ^^
  9. Awesome, OneXOne's are where it's at yo. I don't get burned out or worried someone will vanish, though I'm usually the one that does. >.>;; REALLY trying to work on that. I've been here since 2011, and I still poof once in a while. DX

    I'm up for any genre. If you guys shoot something at me like a writing prompt, we can work something out from there. >W<
  10. Idea 1--Sort of fantasy-ish: A disease spread throughout the world, killing off most humans. Those that didn't die became mindless beasts as seen in movies like I am Legend, if they weren't lucky. Those that were developed genetic mutations, which passed on to their children. The mutations caused changes that could only be explained as dhampirs, shapeshifters, and mages. It would be about banding together, getting a cure made, and surviving, basically.

    Idea 2--Yay! Fantasy!: In this world, there are only a few healers. Each of them have their own magicks and powers, and anyone can be a healer, but there's one catch: every sickness and injury they heal is reflected back on the healer.

    Idea 3--Somewhat fantasy but more sci-fi: A utopian version of our world literally sits on top of a world stuck in medieval times. The rich are on top, the poor are stuck at the bottom, and there are many who question why this came to be.

    Idea 4--Genre-bended!: A world in which magic was so powerful that it created an apocalypse, and now the characters are living in a non sci-fi post apocalypse.

    Idea 5--More genre-bending!: A fantasy world that has developed electricity.

    Idea 6--Super fantasy!: A magic system where anything written in red ink becomes true. However, red ink has become increasingly rare as the king stockpiles all of it in order to gain power over not only his enemies but his people, too.

    Idea 7--Nerdy fantasy!: A world where magic is like computer programming. Mages can write magical spells like you would write HTML or JavaScript and sell them to commonplace people.

    Idea 8--Science fantasy!: A fantasy world advanced enough to parallel Earth in 2013.

    Idea 9--FANTASY: A world with magic suddenly loses its magic.

    Idea 10--Don't have a genre for this one: A fantasy where an underground (literally) communication network exists. Like Minecraft.

    And yes, most of these came from a writing prompt resource xD
  11. I... did not get a notice you posted Sol. D: Sorry.

    But yeah, that first one? Me and my BF are doing that right now because I started reading creepypastas one day and got the spooks, so we decided to do a survival horror based around that. If you want to take it in a direction of our own, we can. We're doing it in a fantasy realm though where there are elves and orcs and a ton of other folks living in a city that was sealed off for 70 years and reopened again once most of the disease had already killed off most life.
  12. I'm fine with doing the first one ^^ I did that plot with a few friends a couple months ago, but it died out suddenly, and I've been wanting to do it again. Do you have any questions about the plot?
  13. Nope, not really. XD I'm ready when you are. It can go in OneXOne or in the group, it doesn't matter to me. If you start I'll follow suit.
  14. The onexone section is fine with me. I'll post as soon as I can ^^
  15. I completely forgot to ask, but would you prefer playing the male or female part? I sort of automatically assumed I'd be the male, since that's all I ever play anymore, but I am fine with anything ^^
  16. I normally play male, yeah. I have a few female characters, and I'll probably drag about three in for this type of RP. One is a halfling necromancer, she's a real joy. Then there's Shae, which is a shae, and likely Jester because I feel like he'd be interesting in a semi-apocalyptic setting.
  17. Okay. I can play female, it's fine, I've just been playing the man a lot (⌒_⌒;)

    There's the link to the thread, I hope it's okay. Finley is a mage, and she's sort of a female version of a character I used a long time ago, but with some personality/history/race changes.

    I hope the opening is okay with you ^^
  19. Nope, that's fine! XD Posted.