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  1. Hi! I'm Jes. I'm new to this. Really new to this.
  2. " Howdy Ho! Welcome to Potaote."

    Welcome aboard the S.S Potatoe.

    First Rule of the S.S Potatoe. We don't talk about the S.S Potatoe.

    Second Rule is you always greet with the traditional poatoe greeting. " Howdy Ho! Welcome to Potaote."

    Third Rule is that there is but one higher power than potato. That is Granbull.

    In the name of Spinda,


    Welcome to Iwaku
  3. I..... *sloooowly pushes @Breezeblocks aside* o____o Hello new person. Don't mind the crazies.
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  4. ...

    Yoohoo! New person! Welcome to the site!
    Ask around if you need help and enjoy your stay!
  5. Hallos fresh me- I MEAN NEW FRIEND
  6. Hello mortal, would you like to learn your fa-

    I mean, hello there! Welcome to Iwaku. I'm Melon! I hope you have a nice stay here. ^__^
  7. You guys all seem awesome but like im kinda slow so all this is pretty confusing *scratches my head like a confused cartoon character*
  8. You'll get used to it.
  9. Thanksya
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.