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  1. What's that beyond the stratosphere? It's Orbital!

    Hey guys I'm Orbital but you can call me Orbital. I'm new-ish to the site but not to RPing. I'm an 18 year old LEGO builder from Texas. I good with any RP but I'm mostly into sci-fi and action adventure, aswell as the porn Libertine RPs. I also like history and videogames.
  2. Greetings Orbital, please make yourself at home, enjoy the stories, feed some plot bunnies, check out the Cbox. There is plenty to do here and I hope to see you about the site. Welcome to Iwaku.
  3. Yes, it's libertine. A disregard of morality, especially in sexual matters.. Totally not pornagraphic...
    Welcome to this wonderful mosh-pit of amazingness that is Iwaku! Please enjoy your stay!
  4. Well hello there Orbital, welcome to the site! >:3
  5. Heya welcome to iwaku!