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Original poster
Hey'o! I'm new around here. I found this website through Top Roleplaying Websites, or something or rather. I'm not sure how many of you know these websites, Avidgamers, or Acronrack, but that is where I use to role play back in the day!

I've been role playing since about middle school [I'm 21 now, turning 22 in Oct.]. I stopped due too college, jobs, life, and mainly due to the downfall of AG and AC. I lost touch with some of my good rp buddies, but I still have some on Facebook, but we don't role play anymore. I'm caught up in life, and World of Warcraft! [Yes, i said it! I play WoW! Deal! xD]

But as of late, I've been itching to get back into the role playing scene, and since AG and AC are no more, I some how managed to find my way here, and hopefully it lives up to what I hope for. I can be picky about my role play settings, but I'm pretty open about plot lines and such. LOL.

Uhm.... Anyway! I posted on the role playing resume forum, and hoping to get into some role playing stories! ;D


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Well, hello hello! >:D Good thing about Iwaku for the picky setting people, is having a variety... and if you can't find what you like, you can always start one yourself!

Feel free to invite some of those old buddies here too! We've actually got a lot of refugees here from closed roleplay sites. XD Even the ones that don't play that much anymore chillax here with their rp buddies.


Original poster
Oh, a Pirate! P3

Enjoy your stay here. If you have any troubles, feel free to ask. We can find you a roleplay or a partner if you like Private games. There's plenty to do here. Check our our General discussions, Board games and drop by Writing/Art too! Lots and lots to get involved with.

The Butterfly

Original poster
heh pirate... Hello Pyirate, I think you'll find much of what you're looking for here.

Welcome to Iwaku.