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Hiya everyone, I'm Jaye, nice to be here ^^
I suck at these introductions, so I think I'll just leave it at that ^^'
Ahh, Jaye! Welcome (officially) to Iwaku! I'm prolly gonna get a pat on the back from the higher ups for dragging your immortal soul here. But, you'll have a lot of fun, trust me.

*looks at Moonlit Blade*


*looks at Moonlight*


My brain hurts...
@Moonlit Blade: Haha, this place looks nice, I'm sure I will ^^
@TheZeroSystem: LoL, too much lunar?
My tiny ancient crappy ramchips just can't PROCESS it!!!

But it does make me very happy. So! Moonlight: whatcha in to? Sci fi, fantasy, modern, draaaaaama?
Welcome to the site. Glad to meet a friend of MLB, hope you enjoy your time here.
@TheZeroSystem: LoL. The site I usually go to (Pe2k) doesn't really break RPs into categories like that, so I can't say for sure (yet) but fantasy and modern look cool ^^
@October Knight: Thank-you ^^
Try yourself some Horror and some Thrillers. Those sorta games are always epic. And you might wanna write yourself a Roleplayer's Resume, just so everyone gets to know what your likes and dislikes are in RPs.

But yeah, welcome to Iwaku. I'm the Scottish one. Just ask one of Diana's slaves the staffies if you have any troubles. It's what they're around for.
Welcome Moon Person. I'm Rory, one of the Admins of the forum. Remember, don't feed the Orochis.
Welcome to the Iwaku! :3
*gives cupcake!*
...*too lazy to welcome the newbie any longer*

YEAH! <3
*tips hat and runs away!* <3
Hello Moonlit Jaye! >:D And I swear I don't have any slaves.
*howls out in the moonlight* hai thar lunar, if you don't mind me calling you that, welcome to the Iwaku got a question just ask and I will do my best to answer.
@Resurrected Grumpy: Ish will! ^^
@Daiki: I won't!
@Loveless: Thanks for the welcome and cupcake!
@Diana: LoL, if you say so ^^
@Shadow Ike: No problem, it's cool! Thanks as well ^^

And of course, thanks for the welcomes guys :D
Diana's easy to distract. Just make male characters that like saving kidnappable gurls, she will no longer try making you a slave.
Welcome Jaye! Woot tight name. Anywho I'm sure you'll enjoy Iwaku as much as I do or even more so! We are all here to help :DD
=D I love your avii, it's so cute and windy and cool =D There's something so awesome about it xD

Anyways LOL, welcome to Iwaku!

If you need help or have any questions, I'm here to help youuuu =]