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    Humanity has lived in the light for centuries, but they have also lived in ignorance to the dark. The Queen of Britain is to the world, just some old woman who sits in a castle all day, but in truth, the Queen is the director for a large network of Hitmen across the country. These Hitmen don't just take out regular humans. They're responsible for ending the lives of several evil and dangerous creatures called 'Bairnes' and making sure knowledge of their existence isn't leaked to the public. These Hitmen have special abilities which aid in their jobs. They are each able to use special powers which are exclusive to only a small population of humans.

    In order to become a Hitman, persons must attend the Queen's Royal Academy, a top secret institution which only persons who display the ability to manifest powers are drafted into. Here they are trained to manifest their powers fully and perhaps focus them into weapons such as guns, swords, bombs, etc. After graduating (very few do), the Hitman is placed in one of several 'houses'. These houses are literal houses wherein four Hitmen are placed. These Hitmen are a team and will receive several assassination requests from the Queen based on their proximity to the problem zone. Each Hitman house contains four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large living room and kitchen, and a mission center. Each house has a special ring by which they can be identified and each member wears one. The house rings normally have special functions. (for example, the ninja house ring might release a toxic poison). For the purpose of r.p we will have only three houses: Asquith House, Varia House and Tsuna House. (Keep in mind members of different houses aren't normally friendly toward each other since everyone is vying to be the Queen's favourite.)

    The Bairnes are demon like creatures which devour the flesh of humans in order to survive. They are skilled in shapeshifting and can take the shape of animals and humans. They vary in size and are mostly active at night. Where these Bairnes come from no one can be sure, but the Hitmen are responsible for figuring out where they come from and wiping them out.

    Bairne activity has peaked at an all time high and it is highly likely that something big is coming. The big question is: will the Hitmen be able to wipe out the Bairnes before they wipe out humanity?
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  2. I'll roger up for this one. I do have one spade to call, if this is a British organization, why do the houses have Asian names?
  3. @Reaper Six Glad to have your interest. The names were actually a mixture of Asian and British, but now that I've reassessed I changed the Asian name to British
  4. Its just a culture thing of mine, thank you. I shall sit quietly and build my prospective character, an ex-SAS member.
  5. No problem. I'm looking forward to seeing your character when the O.O.C is made.
  6. I'm interested.
  7. Great. I'm hoping for at least one more person so we can start
  8. I'm up for this, sounds pretty cool to me.
  9. Great. Now we have enough to full one house. I'm going to make the O.O.C as soon as I have enough time
  10. To be fair, there is a large part of British Culture that is assimilated Asian culture. That's sort of what Britian is, a mix of other nations on a foundation of cynical Gaelic heritage.

    Also count me in, I'll will post more soon.
  11. Count me in on this rp.
  12. The O.O.C is officially open! You guys can find it here
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