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  1. The I.C.A (International Contract Agency) multinational, well-funded criminal organization independent of the world's governments, with ties to various groups and individuals, providing assassination and mercenary services in addition to being the Employer of the prestigious Agent 47. The Agency offers not only assassinations, but also intelligence on the suspects. The initial price for scheduled assassination depends on the target, the target's importance, the amount of security that the target enjoys, and the chosen asset, with 47 being the most expensive one. The Agency can be contacted by virtually anyone, from wealthy international companies and other agencies to even individuals seeking vendetta.

    Most importantly, you are an individual that has been selected by the Agency to be part of a new team of Assassins that will carry out Contracts and Missions. Aside from your Unique Skills as an Individual Assassin, you will be required to work as a Team.

    -Follow Iwaku Rules at all times
    -In addition to being the Team Leader, I will also be playing as the Team's Handler and Mission Coordinator
    -As GM, my Say is Final
    -No Godmodding, Bunnying, or any of the sort
    -No Assassin is Perfect (Except for Agent 47, but that's beside the point)
    -If you have an issue with a teammate, please take it up with me and save it for AFTER a Mission
    -Please respect your Fellow Roleplayers
    -Have Fun

    Character Sheet





    Signature Weapon:


    My Character

    Name: Jin-Hyun Song

    Age: 32

    Personality: Although a Highly Trained Assassin who can take a life without remorse, Jin-Hyun is indeed a Killer with a Conscience. While seen as exceptionally ruthless by most, in reality, Jin-Hyun bears a heavy heart. Although a Cold-Blooded Assassin on the outside, she is gentle and soft on the inside. She does not kill because she wants to, but because she knows that she has to.

    History/Biography: Jin-Hyun was born in a post-War South Korea into an Upper-Working Class Family. Her Father was a Korean War Veteran and was the General of the South Korean Army while her Mother was a Business Woman who ran an Antique Shop. Growing up, she enjoyed listening to her Father's War Stories. As an only child, she found her home life to be incredibly lonely and it didn't exactly help that her parents rarely paid attention to her. To make up for the Loneliness, she took Taekwondo with her boyfriend. After graduating from High School with Honors and many outstanding achievements, Jin-Hyun went against the wishes of her parents and enlisted into the Military. Wanting to make her Father proud, she tried out for the South Korean Special Forces. Thanks to her determination, she was handpicked to be a part of the 707th Special Missions Battalion, where she served for five years as a Sniper. During a mission in Afghanistan, while assisting American Troops in a Firefight, a case of friendly fire took place, where she accidently killed a Delta-Force Sergeant when her shot was redirected by the wind, which had a sudden change in direction. This incident would result in her discharge from the South Korean Military and it was quickly followed by a Court-Martial on behalf of US Military Leaders. Although the death was ruled an accident due to there being no way of telling that the wind would change direction, Jin-Hyun's honorable services to her country would become overshadowed by her supposed murder of an Allied Nation's Soldier.

    After the abrupt end of her Military Career, Jin-Hyun was disowned by her Father and Mother. She would seek solace with her boyfriend and get married, not wanting to be reminded of her sins on the battlefield. Unfortunately, her sins would catch up to her. Her Marriage was not to last, as her Husband of two years would be killed, murdered in cold blood right before her eyes, by two vengeful Delta Force Operatives in retaliation to what happened to their squad leader. However, they were court-martialed and dishonorably discharged as a result of what happened. Her Sins would come to light once more and she ended up in Gitmo, otherwise known as Guantanamo Bay, a Prison for Terrorists. After spending a year in that hell hole, she was taken in by the Agency, where she received special training and now she is one of their best, becoming one of the most respected Hit-Women in the Agency. As a result, she has been chosen by the Agency to lead a newly-formed Squad of Assassins.

    Signature Weapon: Dragon's Tooth

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  2. This is excellent. I'll make my character soon
  3. Name: Michael O'Keefe

    Age: 30

    Personality: Cruel, sadistic, posessing of a dark sense of humor. He's a serial killer who's gone commercial, getting paid to do what he loves. In his spare time, a BDSM lifestylist. Enjoys electronic and psychedelic cyber music, and plays the guitar very well. Best described as a high-functioning sociopath.

    History/Biography: Michael was the youngest of three brothers, born and raised in Ireland. One might assume that he learned cruelty as the bullying victim of his elder brothers, but in truth the O'Toole boys were close friends, always watching each other's backs. When his brothers joined the IRA, Michael helped out, running errands and standing lookout. Then his brothers were both killed in a vicious shootout, leaving him to fend for himself till he was old enough to join the IRA himself. He'd always been the sort who enjoyed pulling the wings off of flies, but it was in the IRA that he found his true calling, his love of murder.

    When the IRA was beaten down at last, Michael moved on. He worked as a freelance assassin for several years, then was recruited by the I.C.A after he'd killed several of their targets before their own assassins could get there. He prefers disguise to shooting a place up, and loves the intimacy of a kill, wringing every bit of sadistic pleasure he can from a target's final moments. He's been fined several times by the I.C.A. for taking an artistic interest in his work, or killing extra targets, or sparing witnesses. He has no moral qualms about killing women or children, but always likes to leave someone alive to tell the story. Like any serial killer, he enjoys being appreciated and feared.

    Signature Weapon: [​IMG]

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  4. If you may be so kind, can you please be more descriptive and detailed for the History/Bio and Personality?
  5. Expounded a bit more. O'Toole isn't a complicated man, and he doesn't have a complicated past. I could go into more detail about his personal life, but I don't think you want to hear the details of his relationship with his sub. Suffice it to say that she's as addicted to pain as he is to inflicting it.
  6. Name: Canter Bace

    Age: 27

    Personality: Like any regular hitman, Canter is best described as an immoral sociopath. Of course, he himself doesn't like the use of the word "sociopath." He's not a true sociopath, after all. He hardly ever feels guilty for what he does, but he is, in fact, a rather social person. While he doesn't always have much to say, Canter quite enjoys the company of other people. He's an extremely formal and polite person. He uses words such as "Sir" and "Ma'am" often in conversation. He's also a very organized person. His apartment and desks are always arranged in a way that is both symmetrical, organized, and spotless clean. There never seems to be dust anywhere he goes.

    Canter is also, however, a nonchalant, unmerciful, unsympathetic, and blunt person. It almost seems like Canter doesn't care about anything, much less another person. When he does his killings, he doesn't even try to make it short and quick, but he also doesn't go out of his way to draw out a person's pain and suffering. This seems to carry on in his interactions with other people. For example, if asked, "Does this dress make me look fat?" Canter's response would be "Since it is tight and accentuates the curve of your stomach, yes, it does." He's blunt enough to tell the person the truth, but he also doesn't tell it right off the bat.

    History/Biography: Canter was born in London, England. His mom was American and his dad was Irish, though, so he's got an odd sort of accent that is mostly British with over pronounced r's thrown into the mix. When he was a kid, he was often asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. His response was always that he wanted to be a pilot. His dad was a pilot, after all. His mom was just the local grocery store's manager. There was no time where Canter thought he would earn money killing people for a living.

    When he had turned 13, a new student arrived in school. Her name was Lucy Barille. She had become Canter's first real friend. Even as a kid, Canter hadn't really been able to care enough about another person to really become their friend. Lucy spent most of her time wandering the streets around her house, and Canter would wander with her. One day, they ran into three older teenagers who were being violent with each other. They were throwing punches and kicks to random passersby who happened to wander down the wrong alley. Lucy stepped in to tell them to stop, but they laughed and started shoving her around. Canter watched this happen for a little bit without stepping in. When Lucy screamed for help, however, he did. He caught the teenagers by surprise with his swift speed and small form. With a few kicks to their crotches, he had the three on the ground, groaning. Canter grabbed Lucy's hand and ran. One of them stood and gave chase, but he stumbled and face-planted into a trashcan. After that, Lucy and Canter seemed to run into trouble a lot. Someone would say something to Lucy and she'd immediately retaliate. With Canter there, she would get out okay.

    Eventually, a small gang heard about him. Canter had gotten better at fighting what with all the times he had to defend Lucy's recklessness, and he'd gathered a name for himself. People called him the Tiny Angel, because he was so small and young and he'd only ever get involved in a fight if Lucy's screamed for help, so he was a bit like a guardian angel. This gang, the Blue Flames, offered him protection if he joined them. He became an official member, but this made him unable to protect Lucy as much. Lucy got into more trouble as a result. By the time they were sixteen, Canter hung out with the gang all the time. Canter learned how to be a top-notch criminal, and eventually left Lucy behind completely.

    When Canter was 23, working at his local grocery store, and still a part of the gang, he caught wind that Lucy Barille had died. She got in the middle of two gang fights and some stray blades made their way through her stomach. She bled out to death. This news angered Canter in a way he'd never been before. He wasn't in a rage or anything - it was more like he completely stopped feeling any emotion. As soon as he clocked out of work, he took the gun the gang had given him, found a deserted alley with only one other person, and shot that man in the back of the head. It was his first murder, and Canter found that he felt no guilt about it. He simply walked away, wiped his fingerprints off the gun, and put inside his neighbor's trash, who happened to also be a part of the gang. His neighbor was framed, and he never went back to the gang. Instead, he established himself as a consulting hitman of sorts. He made money like that along with his normal job for a while. Most recently, however, he was enlisted by the ICA to work in an organized team of hitmen. He agreed willingly.

    Signature Weapon: Canter's weapon of choice is a custom-made handgun with a silencer on it. The handle is trimmed with gold and has a golden-laced dragon on either side. Blue flames are painted on the barrel in memory of his first gang.
    Gun (open)
    It kinda looks like this: [​IMG]

    Appearance: Canter's features are very sharp. His cheekbones are very prominent on his face and his chin juts out a little bit. His jawbone sticks out, and his cheeks are sunken in. His nose is small and pointed. His ears have an attached earlobe and they lay flat against the side of his head. His hair is short, black, and straight. He keeps it combed very neatly. He has small green eyes and small, black, square glasses to go along with them. He keeps his face clean shaven.

    Canter is short and skinny for his age. He has a very bony body all over and not much muscle to him. The only thing he does nowadays is pull a trigger. He hardly gets into real fights, but he doesn't use strength for them, and he never really used to. His small body gives him the speed he needs. Canter's legs are pretty long, his hands are large, and his fingers are long and bony. ICA.
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  7. Name: Marcus Fox

    Age: 67

    Personality: Cunning. In his younger years Marcus didn't care what had to be done to complete his objective, or who he had to hurt in the process. Nowadays, while he still maintains a professional emotional distance, he is much more caring. Charming to the brink of pleasant, but underneath hides a professional's objective, and meticulous brain.

    History/Biography: Marcus was dumped on the doorstep of a German orphanage. He was adopted by an assassin who worked for the ICA when he was 9 and worked as his protege, cramming into air vents his mentor couldn't fit to poison a drink, or, when necessary, acting as bait. He worked for this assassin for several years until the age of 17, which was when he started to rebel against his established life. Laughably this meant he dreamed of getting a day job and settling down, not killing anyone. For a time he did just that, getting work at a garage in France. Unfortunately he didn't cut all ties to his contacts and started up a side business disposing bodies for various organized crime members. He worked at it for several years, that is until the ICA contacted him.

    It seemed his old mentor had gone rogue, and they wanted Marcus to track him down. At first he refused, but after the ICA threatened to use their considerable power to make his life a living hell, he decided to accept their offer. It took him more than a few months, but finally he tracked his mentor down to a bayou in the southern parts of the USA. Marcus killed him, and dumped his body in the swamp for the gators. From that moment on he decided not to run from his destiny any more. He was a trained assassin and it was a waste not to put those skills to good use. While still keeping in contact with ICA, Marcus went into business for himself. He accepted jobs from the worst criminals. Third-world dictators, drug cartels, terrorists, etc. Eventually he amassed quite a bit of wealth and decided it was high time to get out of the game while he was still on top, buying a house in the Rocky Mountains.

    Recently he has developed a bit of nostalgia for his former line of work, and started taking the occasional low risk contract for the ICA who were more than happy to have such a well established killer on the payroll. However he came to realize the futility of his efforts to keep a normal life. He was born an assassin, and he would die an assassin. So when he heard word that the ICA was putting together a special squad, he volunteered his services.

    Signature Weapon: A silenced hidden Swiss Derringer

    Derringer 2.jpg

    Old man.jpg
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  8. Curious question. I can be patient and all but what exactly are we waiting for to start the RP exactly?

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