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Hello, all! Now that I'm finally managing to get myself situated again and hoping to really get into a good place to GM, so, I wanna try and redo an older rp concept that I had tried a couple of years ago and failed. I'm a big fan of History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi, or, if you prefer the English adaptation, Kenichi: The Strongest Disciple, and really want to do an alternate version of the story. Obviously with different characters and situations, but in the same style and similar thematically. So, the main protagonist in this version is a young woman named Matsuri, whom is fairly similar to Kenichi in of that she struggles with self confidence and is more the bookworm type of character. Her best friend (whom should be played by my friend Blitzfang, by the way) is a student at a local dojo. This dojo, is unique, if of that it is the home of a group of masters of various styles and backgrounds. The idea is for Matsuri to become involved in a conflict dealing with local gangs and delinquents, and for her to finally make the decision to do something in order to better herself by studying martial arts. Additional plot and such will be added as we progress.

For now, I'm just seeing if I can get another person or two to play a master or two, and maybe another student or something if you'd like. Most of the antagonists (who may become protags, of course) will be gang members belonging to a notorious dangerous gang in the city, some of which will also be students. If you're interested, be sure to let me know and ask any questions you may have!
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Hi! I got an idea for a master, maybe.

What's the expected posting speed?
Do I have to know anything about Kenichi to apply? Because I don't, although I've read some other martial arts manga and webtoon.
Posting speed, I would push for at least a few posts a week. I don't need people to be posting constantly, since we all have a life, and all.

And a rudimentary knowledge of martial arts is definitely preferable, but, it sounds like you have a good pool of resources to draw from so you should be fine.