Hishakata Mansion

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  1. ~ Hishakata Mansion ~

    Welcome to the mansion. I am the owner of this mansion, Mikuro. It just so happens that you have made it here, and I have you under my control. Under your control? What could you mean? I'll explain. I have been studying the meaning's of dark magic. That is why you are here isn't it? You've heard the rumors. Ones were the boys and girls of this mansion take people and kill them? Ah, but that is only a myth. I only turn them into dangerous creatures that happened to me and my siblings. Well, I suppose that's what is about to happen to you. Which do you prefer? Creature of Fantasy or Mythology?

    ~ Rules ~

    - Please keep it a paragraph per reply. Such as Five or more sentences.
    - There will be gore, violence, and mature content. If you cannot handle that, then I suggest finding a different role-play.
    - If you wish to be part of the Hishakata family, just state that in your form. If not stated, you will be a visitor that will be turned into a servant.
    - You will become a creature of Fantasy or Mythology. I'll search up and study the creature you choose and decided whether you can be that creature or not. I hope you know a bit about that creature before you pick it. (Also acceptable creatures: Wolf, Vampire, Fairy, and Pixie)
    - Only one creature can be used per character. Such as, if someone is a Dragon, someone else cannot be a dragon. I'll be sure to added which creatures are taken.
    - No text talk, and please try using proper grammar.
    - No god like characters.
    - Lastly: HAVE FUN

    ~ Forms ~


    Name: Mikuro Hishakata

    Nickname: N/A

    Gender: Male

    Age: Twenty-Two

    Birthday: March Seventeenth

    Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/QVnexmI.jpg

    Personality: Mikuro has a passive personality. He tends to not show any emotions. He keeps them hidden with other things. His personality can go from quite and distant to angry and frustrated in different situations. He has an extremely intelligent side, that gets cocky, since he thinks he knows everything. He can become pleasant and gentle when it comes to people in his everyday life. He grows comfortable with them, and shows a more caring side.

    Creature: Dragon


    - Tattoo of a dragon on his chest

    - Works with Earth magic

    - Eldest Brother (Head of the House)


    Name: Virumi Hishakata

    Nickname: Virus

    Gender: Female

    Age: Sixteen

    Birthday: Unknown even to her

    Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/78YUEEz.jpg

    Personality: Virumi has more of a sadistic personality. she is a bit unstable in the shead. she loves the concept of death and everything around it. she tends to have spells that she will go into full rage and just start trying to kill everyone. The slightest thing can tick her off. she enjoys to dissect and conduct experiments on things, human and animal. Wshen you get to know her, well, there is no getting to know her. she hates everyone and everything. Wshen you first meet her, she seems passive but its a beast waiting to expose itself.

    Creature: Grimm Reaper


    - Has a tattoo of a Scythe on her neck

    - she uses Dark Magic

    - Youngest Sister
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  2. Okay, this part made me question this character's gender, other then that I would find this interesting.
  3. @Krnon : That was a mistake. I was editing things, and did the replace tool in Word, and yeah- I fixed it all up. Since you are interested, please fill out the character sheet.
  4. Where would you like me to put it?
  5. Name: Naru Naku
    Nickname: None at the moment, will have one during role playing
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Birthday: December 16th
    Appearance: As a human:

    From the head to the toes I shall go in order. Brown hair on top of a healthy face which boasts blue eyes. A proportionate neck to normal shoulders. The average torso to normal legs and feet. He wore a black shirt with a skeleton on the front of it (image, not actual thing). He is wearing pants and boots to finish out his outfit.

    Personality: Impatient to a fault. He means to do well, but lacks the patience to do many things right, and gets frustrated when told to do things a second time because he either stops or just does not do them. Stubborn at times, he chooses to not do things he does not want to do.

    Creature: I personally vote that he becomes a polymorph, something that literally has many forms.

    Extra: As I understand polymorphs, they are neither a solid or a liquid, but something in-between. Lacking a backbone that shapeshifters have, they have no limit to what they can turn into, but they have a limit based on mass. So, if my character is 6' tall and 200 lbs, he can only at most turn into something that is 8' tall and 100 lbs, or 4' tall and 300 lbs without consuming or excreting anything. This is because he is rearranging his mass by compacting it, or by stretching it. If he gets cut in half, only one side survives while the other dies, but if cut in pieces, the largest piece survives. If the pieces are less then the size of a quarter, then he will not have any rationality to him, and start looking for food to gain mass. He can consume his old parts to gain mass back. He would die if he cannot eat and is less then the size of a quarter for longer then a day's time. As a polymorph, his brain matter would be 50% of his body, but he cannot use most of it for normal use since most of it is to control his own body.
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