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  1. I'd like to do a mature RP about a young man who is quiet in school, a fantastic artist, talented in many areas, and kind to those who need it, but hides a secret life of a drunk father beating him violently at home. He begins getting letters in his locker from a self-proclaimed "Kind Goddess" telling him that they know about the abuse and are wanting to help. One note left in his locker on Valentine's day even gives a phone number that he can call whenever he needs help, along with a necklace inside that says "HOPE" And has a missing half.

    One night his father pulls a knife and threatens to kill the boy so the boy calls the number and the mysterious girl tells him to run to Main street, where she picks him up and they meet for the first time (she is wearing the missing half of his necklace, hers says "FOREVER"). That same night, as she is holding him and rocking him as he cries in the hotel room she stays in, they link physically and emotionally and give each other their bodies and souls.

    I can play either the boy or the girl in this one, but I'd like you (whoever picks up on this) to double as the father because I'm not so good at being extremely mean and the father is a straight up a**hole from hell. (which would mean cursing is allowed, even urged, and violence is a must.)

    If you're interested, please let me know!

    Thanks a lot!

    Here's is the video that inspired this RP.

  2. Yay! would you be alright playing the father as well?
  3. yea, I also would like to be the boy too if thats cool. I dont think I would do all that well playing a girl.
  4. That's fine, Here's a general character sheet if you would kindly fill it out.

    Appearance (include a picture if you'd like):
    Characteristics (temperment):
  5. what grade in school would i be in?
  6. Senior. Let's not make it too young since there's gunna be sexual stuff in it lol.
  7. lol kk that's what I was thinking too.

    Name: Dean W. McCoy
    Age: 18 (about to turn 19, failed a year)
    Appearance: The guy from the video.
    Hobbies: playing basket ball and guitar
    Characteristics (temperment): quiet, keeps to himself but helps others when he can, gets good grades but misses school a lot. ( Not sure what temperment meant. :/ )

    let me know when you post :)