His Red Right Hand (M Seeking M/F/T)

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  1. After hearing rumors on the wind of a tall, handsome man offering everything you could want and more, you walk out to the edge of town. As you're prepared to leave, sure that you've been had, an eerie, moaning wind blows your way, carrying with it the handsome man. True to the rumors, he offers you everything that you could want, somehow knowing what you desire before you can say anything.

    The offer seems too good to be true, and a part of you screams that it has to be. There's something that just screams "catastrophe" lurking just behind a smile that seems too big for his face. He seems to be a god, a demon, a ghost, and a human all at once. You glance down and notice his right hand; crimson red, as if coated in fresh blood. Your whole body wants to run away and pretend you can forget this encounter. Still, something whispers in your ear, give him a chance.

    Can you resist?

    Would you really want to?​

    What are you willing to do to have everything you want?​


    This is an RP that's a little hard to put into a category, mainly because, if you choose to play it with me, some of the finer points will be discussed before we begin. Depending on how you want to play it, we can go anywhere from horror, forced romance, to straight up sex slavery. This is your RP as much as it is mine, and more than anything I want you to have fun while making a deal with my handsome devil.

    I don't really have too many rules for my one on ones.

    1. Most posts should be at least one paragraph, preferably two or more, with 5-7 sentences per paragraph.
    2. Must be literate and use proper grammar.
    3. Sex can/will be part of this RP, but story comes first. I try to keep a 60:40 plot:sex ratio, though it can go up or down as the story goes along, as long as it feels natural.
    4. MxM, MxF, and MxT are all acceptable.
    5. Character pics can be realistic anime or real, whichever you're comfortable with.
    6. Don't be an Asshat.

    Now time for the all important Character Sheet!




    personality traits (5 good, 5 bad)

    Bio - What made you seek me out?

    Greatest desire

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  2. I would absolutely love to try this out with you.
  3. Pm me and we'll get started on it ^__^
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