His Past, Her Mistake

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  1. Aryn sat perched on a tree, his wings curled around him in protection from the wind. People like him-different- had been run out of civilization weeks ago after an accident happened, one he hadn`t heard about. He himself used to be one of the different, a copycat, able to do anything witnessed. He was still different, still a copycat, but now an outcast from the outcasts; he was a demon. A fallen angel. He hated himself but he couldn`t kill himself. He`d tried, of course, he didn`t belong here on the earth plane anymore. Yet he was still here, still alive. Injured, but not dead. He sighed, brushing his bloodred bangs out of his eyes. He hadn`t dyed them; it had occured when he fell, his black fringe changing color, like his eyes; Molten gold, glowing in the night like a cats`. His face was narrowed slightly, framed by his shaggy, shoulder-length hair. Falling from Heaven had done him a favor: he still had the radiance of the Angels. His body was athletic and sculpted like a runner`s, strong but not muscle-bound. He had stolen a sword and a long hunting knife two days ago from a collectors` house in perfect condition. He was jolted out of the memory by movement below him. "Who`s there?" he called, drawing out his sword slowly.
  2. Long, wisping copper locks twirled rapidly as the slender frame ran swiftly through the tree's. She was fleeing from a danger unknown, her envy-green eyes looking wildly around herself. Miyanna's tall frame nimbly evaded the trees, slipping between snatching branches and clawing leaves. She stopped briefly to rest in her escape, brushing back her copper bangs that threatened to blond her vision. She panted heavily, resting her dainty hands upon her bare knees; this torn deer-fur dress proved little protection against the elements but it would do until she could create more suitable cloths. She began to run again as quickly as she had stopped to rest, her bare feet dirty and cut by the thorny brambles she had passed through. She was a Hunter, one who lived off the nature that dwelled all around her, an outsider cast further into isolation. Though, she couldn't blame anyone but herself. As a Syren she had already been branded, but her riveting mistake had cost her dearly.
    Coming to the edge of the wooded lands, the trees began to thin and the wind began to slow her down. She shivered, slowly to a walk as she hugged herself for warmth; the breeze was against her it seemed. She had been unaware of the male residing in a tree above her, jumping when his voice called out. She hissed out, taking up a defensive stance after tugging out her small hunting knife. It didn't offer her much weapon mastery but had proved her well when paired with her skills as a Hunter.
  3. Aryn leaped lithely from the tree, landing directly infront of her. His sword hung in his hand loosely, lowered at his side but still out in case she decided to attack. She was beautiful like only the Irish Syren could be, hair as red as a sunset, eyes a striking green, and a small yet well-built body. He focused on the huge amount of energy not far off in the distance, maybe five minutes. Less. "What the hell--?" he shook his head and locked eyes with her, brown on green. He sheathed his sword and unfurled his wings, his back to the wind. They, oddly, matched his hair, the bottom of his wings a bright crimson that faded too a midnight black. Stripes of gold slashed across and stood out against the red. "If you don`t want to die a horrible death, take my hand," he said gruffly, holding out a hand. If she didn`t take it, he would save her anyway. But if she attacked and opened any wound, they would both be dead; his blood was no longer liquid, but a strongly narcotic gas and would knock them both unconsious when they inhaled it.
  4. Miyanna stared with intent green eyes as he leapt from the tree, her eyes now trained upon him as she stepped back in shock. She gasped out, green eyes wide as she raised her knife in malice. "Stay back!" She hissed in a velvety voice, though her Irish accent shone through with her malice towards him. "I'm warning you!" She growled, her eyes not missing any part of him as he looked away to the masses that were chasing after her. She had half a mind to attack him there and then before fleeing but her mind and body screamed at her to stand her ground and not more. She complied, though the overwhelming urge to flee was mounting upon her. "Damn..." She growled again, to herself this time, and as she was about to flee past him, they locked eyes.
    Miyanna froze, wide green eyes looking into his brown ones. Could this have been what her mother had warned her of? A Siren could have any man that she wanted, but only one true man would ever own her. She wanted to pull back her gaze and run from him and the horde that rapidly approached, but her bare feet were kept firmly rooted to the spot. "Go with you? Are you mad!?" She scoffed when he gruffly urged her to take his hand, her voice holding sarcasm and venom. However, a quick glance to the trees behind her swiftly reminded her of her current situation, making her practically leap at him. She grasped his hand as though her life depended on it, dainty fingers encircling his ill-treated palm.
    This life of hers was about to get interesting, she could just feel it.
  5. He pulled her to himself quickly and jumped, holding her tight as he pushed his shoulders down, then up, moving his wings and shooting into the sky, although he couldn`t go too high with her: her lungs would explode with the intense pressure wnd he didn`t want that. He silently thanked whatever stopped her from attacking, manuvering so he was flying on his back. "I'm Aryn," he offered as he rode the wind, past the energies that had been pursuing the girl. What the hell did this girl do? he wondered as he flew past the clouds, seeking the sun.
  6. Miyanna gave a yelp out when he tugged him to her somewhat roughly, holding her tightly as he began to fly with her. She clung to him, her eyes widening as she saw the height they were at. She didn't like heights, they were the one thing that truly scared her in this world. Her heart hammered in her chest, her eyes closing tightly when he turned so that he was flying on his back, blocking her view of the land below. She prayed to God above that she would remain safe, but it was interrupted when he introduced himself as Aryn. Her eyes opened to look at him, her fear clearly showing in her eyes. "Miyanna..." She muttered, her eyes staying on anything but the clouds that passed them and the land that moved below. "Oh God," she soon whined, curling up slightly as her eyes had caught a glimpse of the land below them. "Please...Please land, I don't want to be in the air anymore!" She demanded of him, fear evident in her voice as she held onto him tightly. "I can't stand the height," she whispered nervously, hiding her face in his chest with her eyes tightly shut.
  7. "It's ok, it's alright," Aryn soothed her, diving downwards at a somewhat slow angle, not as far away from the clouds as he'd like to be. The wind would be on them again soon, so they would have just enough time to build a shelter for them. "There's a windstorm coming our way, worse than what we endured back there where they were chasing you," he said calmly as they landed, setting her down gently and getting to work, digging a hole with his strong hands in the hill, using the power of steel he had taken from a friend before They had killed him.
  8. Miyanna panicked despite his soothing, clinging to him like a scared child would cling to their mother. Small tears streamed down her freckled cheek, her hair wild as they flew. She looked up as he began to speak, sniffling slightly with a nod. "A windstorm? It can't be as bad as those you get by the sea...I should know, I used to live there!" She told him, her voice cracking slightly due to her tears. When they landed she had been a little reluctant to let go, her hands slipping from him to wipe her eyes as he moved away to begin making their shelter. She watched, puzzled, before her eyes scoured for a tree. there were only a few scattered on this hillside, but an old and twisted oak sat at the top, making a smile come onto her tear-streaked face. She made way to it, her bare feet relishing in the soft grass underfoot - it felt better than snapping twigs and ripping holly and brambles. Miyanna made light work of gripping branches and climbing the tree, despite her small height. She made up fore her lack of inches with curves and strong legs, once that carried her well in battle or when Hunting. They even did well when fleeing, as she had been before. "Aryn!" She called, contented now as she sat in a crooked, bent part of the trees trunk. "This tree...Isn't it amazing?" She called to him, beaming with a smile at the nature around her.
  9. Aryn came over to her, looking upwards from the ground for a moment before joining her. "This'll make a better shelter then the one I was building," he replied, pointing at the thick canopy above them, and the waist-thick branches. "It'll just need a few adjustments..." he mused.
  10. Miyanna watched him as he came over to her as she settled within the tree, a beaming smile upon her fair face. "It's such a beautiful tree..." She repeated to him with a nod, glad that she had called him to see this old, twisted tree. It meant more to her to be cradled in its branches than anywhere else. Her eyes looked to the thick canopy of leaves overhead, nodding slightly as she curled up on herself. Her green eyes looked to him as he spoke of making a few adjustments, shaking her head as she unfurled to stop him. "You can't change what nature has created," she told him sternly, her Irish stubbornness shining through in her words. "Just sleep, this tree will protect us if we allow it too," Miyanna stated to him, having spent many night nestled safely in a tree while storms raged on by. If nature was respected, then nature would respect back. At least, those were the values that Miyanna had always lived by.
  11. "Alright,"
    Aryn replied, respecting her remark as he settled on a branch below her, his wings wrapping around himself automatically to banish the cold. "It's not going to be pleasant if the tree can't protect us from the wind, although it should be able to," he told her. "I just wanted to make sure you were going to be warm." He leaned his body back on the tree, trying to get comfortable, but he was too tense.

    "Why were those things chasing you?"
  12. Miyanna blinked in slight confusion as he accepted her words, having half been expecting him to simply brush them aside. This man both confused and intrigued her. She flicked her eyes to him when he settled below her, peeking out from her curled up state just to see his wings curl around him - she was envious of such magnificent wings. She huffed when he stated that he had just wanted to make sure that she was warm, making her flick her eyes to the sky. "I'm a Hunter, I'm used to the cold of the wind now," she told him, knowing from experience how to best herself against the cold. She gave a small shudder before coiling up against once more, ruffling herself as she huddled more against the trees trunk. Miyanna had been about to settle when she heard him question why she had been chased, her eyes widening as she looked down to him before isolating herself once more in the twisted cradle formed by the tree itself.
    "I...I did something bad." Miyanna murmured quietly to him, hiding herself from his view as best she could. "It was something that I can't take back and that I'll probably regret for the rest of my life..." She flicked her eyes away before she began to giggle and laugh. "Who am I kidding! He was a terrible b@stard anyway!" She cried with typical Irish glee. "Probably deserved what happened," she grumbled before shaking her head. "It doesn't matter anyway, I'd been looking for a reason to leave that place for years and now I have that reason." Miyanna concluded, allowing her green eyes to close.
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    Aryn pondered those words in confusion. Who was the boy? What did she do? He bit back the questions- she was tired, he could tell from the way her aura dimmed and flickered with the soft blue of dreaming, allowing his own eyes to close, asleep yet awake, alert for anything that could come their way.
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    Miyanna felt into her content doze, dreaming of what had been the reason for her hasty departure; she knew that Aryn would be curious of her predicament, but wouldn't allow him anymore knowledge other than what she had supplied him that night. Her sleep was partly uneventful, save for a few minor awakenings during the night due to the winds howling or the calls of animals nearby.
    It was early in the morning when Miyanna awoke, unfurling from her curled position, nestled safely against the tree. The sun was barely risen, so a beautiful display form the sunrise was imminent as she brushed the crusted sleep from her hazy green eyes, stretching her back and arms up until she heard a satisfying crack. Once she had shaken the sleep from her body she proceeded to climb down to Aryn, who appeared to still be asleep. After a curious flick of her eyes to her surroundings she leaned in close, using her skills of Hunting to stay quiet as she peeked over him. Miyanna was as curious of Aryn, as he was of her.
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    Aryn was awake- he had been since the sun rose, using the time to meditate and expand his mind so it touched the life of the forest, becoming an ant, a bird, a tree. He knew when Miyanna awoke, but he was busy trying to... He peeked one eye open and looked up at her.
    "Morning," he said with a small smile as he stood, his wings spreading out in a stretch along with his arms.
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    Miyanna continued to look over him curiously, her form being held up by strong legs and arms. She leaned in closer, soon being surprised by the fact that he had been awake the whole time as he cracked open an eye to look at her. She yelped out in shock, jumping back, wobbling slightly on the branch before catching herself. Morning, he stated to her, causing her eyes to narrow slightly at him as she clung slightly to the branch she was on.
    "Don't scare me like that!" She yelled at him, placing a hand over her chest to help calm her rapidly beating heart once she had managed to regain her once lost balance. She had a small flush of red upon her face from having been so close to him, her mind automatically coming to the conclusion that he was indeed very attractive. When he stretched her anger faded slightly, her green eyes scanning over his impressive body before she huffed and looked away stubbornly. "Morning..." She soon grumbled, taking this chance to jump down from the tree they had rested in, her own form stretching to work out the kinks. However, where as he had just stretched, Miyanna did so in an alluring fashion. It was completely automatic for the Siren, something that she couldn't control due to the nature of her species. Though, part of it was faked in order to make him stare - she enjoyed being the center of attention, after all.
  17. Aryn ran his eyes over Miyanna's body- she was beautiful, he knew, but the way she stretched reminded him of what she was. A siren. Oddly, her kind had never affected him, so he looked of his own accord. He jumped from his branch and landed lithely on the forest floor. "I'll be right back," he said to her. "I'm getting us some food.Stay here." With that, he leaped, his wings holding his weight as he flew higher. He pulled out a knife. He was going hunting.
    He found a deer within minutes, using his mind to find them, not needing to look for tracks or traces. He dove, his knife hand pointed towards the deer. Too late, the deer started and froze as the knife went into his body. The buck writhed and kicked out, but Aryn whispered,"Dare me fortitudo. Ego tibi remissionis." Give me your strength. I will give you release. He then plunged the knife into its head and it slumped to the ground, dead. Aryn picked it up by its antlers and flew quickly back to Miyanna.
  18. Feeling his eyes upon her, Miyanna smirked, but it soon turned to a distasteful scowl as he simply jumped down and stated that he would return to her soon. She hissed, huffing in her attempts to make him fall for her. She was completely unaware of the fact that her alluring charms had no affect upon him. He was dead in a sense, so the sexual desire she had been hoping to arouse from within wouldn't be there.
    "Wait! I can-" Her calls were abruptly ended when he lept to the skies in search of food, causing her beautiful face to once again wrinkle up in dissatisfaction. She hissed, deciding that he held no authority over her. With this thought in mind, Miyanna swiftly descended into the forest below, the complete opposite of what Aryn had told her to do. She was a Hunter; she could easily find her own food here. Miyanna preferred to use the nature around her to locate her food, using tracks and traces were the tricks of her trade, ones that determined her survival over others. This meant that when Aryn returned to where they had rested that night, she would be nowhere in sight. He had saved her but that meant no obligation towards Aryn in Miyanna's mind - she was a woman full of trick and treachery, so promises were often broken and hearts shattered.
  19. Aryn skittered to a stop, the buck falling from his grasp and sprawling grotesquesly on the ground. "Miyanna?" he called in confusion, He heard nothing, and he knew sshe had left of her own accord. Should he go after her? He wasn't sure what she would do; she was unpredictable, dangerous in her unpredictability. he sighed and dropped down, kicking the buck so it rolled away from him. It already stank. Bringing his knees up to his chest, he closed his eyes and relived his death.
    He was running, his feet slipping in a mixture of water and blood. His blood? No. Someone else's, he thought. He felt no pain except for thr multiple bruises along his body. "Your death in inevitable," a man called mockingly as their bullets cut the air around him. He used the liquid under his feet to create a frozen barrier, smiling faintly when the bullets no longer were inches from his body. He was a copycat- able to do anything he saw and-of course-remember. Aryn knew he had little time, so he spun around and found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. "Goodbye, freak," the man whispered as he pulled the trigger.

    Aryn started, leaping up from his position on the forest floor and touching lightly the space between his eyes. He had no idea how he was still here- all he knew was that he was a demon, or 'fallen angel.' He wasn't deadd, persay, but undead. He breathed before he was shot; now he breathed again.
  20. "Now I have you..." Miyanna purred lowly, stalking the young doe within her sights. She had spent precious time well in order to separate her off from her herd, the doe being just the right size to keep herself going for a good few hours. She was about to go in for the kill, her feet moving silently along the leaf-litter when the sounds of sticks snapping and leaf-litter being brushed aside sounded. The deer looked up, her ears perked, much like how Miyanna was, before she bolted for the thicker part of the woods. Miyanna's eyes snapped back too the doe now fleeing away, a growl sounding. However, her rage didn't last as she hunkered down in the brush of the woods, a group of Hunters walking past; three adult men and two boys, barely out of teenage years. Her heart hammered as she hid, motionless, out of sight. No...No! Her mind cried as her eyes frantically flicked around for a way out. I'm trapped. She bit her lip, her eyes spotting the way that she had came, the same way that would lead her back to Aryn. It was now or never. She bolted, her skittish movements and fear driving her forward to supposed safety.
    A shrill cry was heard in the woods that morning, the sound caused by a bullet hitting Miyanna in the right shoulder. However, despite the searing pain she continued to run, not allowing the men to catch up too her. They yelled for her to stop, knowing that she wasn't they prize, but she didn't cease in her fleeing, and soon she lept out from the woods to the hill where she and Aryn had spent the night. Her knife was lost when she had been shot at. Miyanna knew nothing of Aryn's reminiscing as she she came to him, her heart racing and her fear and pain so overwhelming that tears couldn't form in her eyes.