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  1. This is the day. The day that Elizabeth have been dreading for the past two years. The London Season has finally arrived and do you know what that means? That's right, the start of the Debutante Ball, where all the available young ladies from wealthy families from across the United Kingdom come celebrate the coming of age. This year, her father was pronounced to be the host for this year's ball at their home estate, the Bartlett Hall in Derbyshire.

    Elizabeth or Lizzie who prefers to be called that, was being poked and pinned by her maids as they try in one last feeble attempt to make sure the gown was in perfect condition; no loose threads, no missing pearls, and no wrinkles. "Ow!" Lizzie felt the thin needle puncture her calf. "Forgive me Miss..." Charlotte the new maid mumbled underneath her breath. "Just be more careful Char..." the big oak door to her room burst opened revealing a plump, rosy-cheek, middle aged blonde woman. "Is my daughter ready yet?" Mary Bartlett made her way to her to survey the scene before her. "Why is Elizabeth's hair not done yet? We have less than three hours before our guests arrive." Mary picked up a comb that was polished in gold from Lizzie's dresser and started combing through her daughter's soft red curls.

    "Mother please stop, you're making me more nervous as it is." She can feel her hands starting to sweat. "Oh tut, tut, stop being a child and stand still." Mary combed furiously due for the lack of time. "Charlotte, Sarah I want you to start styling Elizabeth's hair while I'll go see everything else is ready." She handed the comb to Sarah. "I want my daughter done by the time I get back. Understand?" Both women nodded their heads in unison. "Yes Lady Mary."

    After her mother left, Lizzie's maids moved her to stand in front of a large oval mirror that stood majestic in the corner of her spacious room. She could hardly believe her eyes. Looking back at her was not the girl she sees everyday but a beauty of seventeen with long, silky, copper curls that cascaded down to the middle of her back. Her face held true elegance and determination. She followed with her big expressive blue-green eyes to look over of what she was wearing for this night. The gown fit perfectly for Lizzie's petite size. She moved her hand to touch the silky fabric that was custom-made just for her. The soft ivory color matching Lizzie's complexion, with beautiful small pearls that made up of small flower like designs all over giving the impression that she was sparkling in the moonlight but not too bright. Very gently, Lizzie tugged on her long gown just to look over her mother-of-pearl slippers.

    Caught up looking at her gown and shoes, she didn't realize that Sarah and Charlotte were finished with her hair. "Oh Miss you look so beautiful." Charlotte dabbed her eyes with her apron. "Thank you, both of you." She turned back around to admire herself again. Her wavy curls were bundled up in a high stylish bun with a few strands dangling from the sides of her nervous face. She noticed that her hair had very tiny detailed white, diamond like butterflies for pins to hold her hair in place.

    "It's time!" the sound of her mother's voice made Lizzie jump in her skin. "Is she done?" Mary hurried over to Lizzie. "Oh Elizabeth! You look absolutely stunning!" Her mother had her hand over her mouth trying not to burst into tears. "Any man will be lucky to have you as a dance partner." Lizzie's face turned pale. That was her biggest fear. She couldn't dance! "Mother please I've told you for a hundredth time, I can't dance! I don't want to make a fool of myself." Mary wouldn't have it. "You're just nervous as this being your first time. It'll pass don't worry." She patted Lizzie's cheek. She didn't feel like arguing with her mother knowing that nothing will change Mary's mind. "You must hurry." Mary started to grab Lizzie's arm but suddenly she noticed that Lizzie was not wearing her gloves. "Elizabeth Jane! You can't come downstairs without your gloves." She rushed over to her daughter's bed and grabbed the thin pair of matching white gloves. Eyeing to make sure Lizzie was fully ready, both mother and daughter exited the room.

    (I know it seems a lot for a first post and I do apologize. I promise my posts won't be that huge in the future, if this rp goes anywhere. So what I'm looking for is someone to play a young handsome Duke who falls in love with Lizzie.)
  2. Damion was a young duke who had just claimed throne in the neighboring territory. After stopping a bloody civil war there and duke was executed he was promoted from field marshal to duke. he was invited to the ball i order to establish good relations with the neighboring territories. He arrived by horse back with not a minute to spare he left his horse in the care of stable boy and walked to the estate. When he entered the first thing he noticed was a lovely young lady walking down the stairs.
  3. Lizzie could feel her heart thumping wildly in her chest. One step at a time, one step at a time. She kept repeating to herself while hanging onto the banister for dear life, afraid she would lose her balance. Standing straight and tall, she scanned the many unknown faces, fear gripping her heart. Why does she have to go through this? She finally made it down the stairs with an accomplished look on her face. She didn't have time to brace herself when a man of late thirties who looked like a predator ready to pounce on his prey. He pulled Lizzie to the middle of the room and wrapped his steel arm securely around her slim waist. "Please sir, forgive me but I..." not letting her finished he gripped her slender gloved hand. "I have been with many pretty women in the past, but you are radiant like a spring flower ready to be plucked." He whispered seductively in her left ear. She felt a cold shiver running down her spine, something about the way he spoke didn't sound like a man teasing, but a monster telling you your worst fears. Lizzie looked around frantically trying to think of a way to escape.
  4. After seeing the man grab the young lady. Damion walked over to them. "Im sorry sir but i must ask that you let thid lovely lady go." He grabbed the mans wrist squeezing the pressure point causing his hand to open
  5. William arrived with his father earlier than they were expected to a rather large intimidating house. He was well dressed in a neatly tailored black suit that had been pressed that morning. He dreaded today. Last year he had cleanly avoided this particular event, working with his instructor to come up with plot as to why he should be excused. This year he had switched instructors and he had been less than willing to help him with his deviousness.

    He exited the carriage and waited for the house servants to help his father into his chair and wheel him inside, following as they did so. He removed his top hat as soon as they passed the threshold and smoothed back his shoulder length dark brown hair. There were already a lot of people here but mostly the older folks speaking of business. He glanced down at his father as he was parked off to the side. The old man was almost dead which meant that he would be the head of the house very soon. And as his parents had stressed to him ever since he turned eighteen a couple of years ago, he needed to marry. He was now twenty and still hadn’t even courted anyone, hence the trip to the Debutante Ball.

    After a good half an hour of listening to his father prattle on about joining their family to another with the older men, he wandered off to look about the main room. It was wonderfully decorated with a large staircase that came down right in the middle. As his eyes travelled up, his gaze settled on the radiant beauty that made her way down very carefully. He smiled at the look of concentration on her face, looking like she was literally reminding herself to breathe. He instantly felt better about being nervous for the occasion.

    Before he could work up the guts to speak to her, she was captured by an older gentleman, or what he thought was a gentleman. He watched as the man wrapped her up and said a few choice words to her that had her panicked. Another young man stepped in to grab the man’s wrist. Highly inappropriate, he thought to himself. He walked over to try and diffuse the situation.

    “Sir Bartlett. It’s wonderful to see you. My father was just speaking of you. He had some matters he wished to discuss.” He had rested a hand on both men’s shoulders and had a pleasant smile on his face. The older man turned towards his father. While his eyes were turned, William looked at the young woman and smiled before looking at the young man and arching a brow.
  6. damion let go of the mans wrist. "sorry old habits from when i was a military general "
  7. Meredith Anne Tudor, related to an offshoot of the old Tudor dynasty as her mother would often mention, gazed lazily around the ball room. It was not her debutante ball, but she did not lack for male attention. With her dark hair and icy eyes, she was like a thing of another world. Dark, alluring, mysterious.... she played the seductress very well an certainly enjoyed the game of men. Even now a man was gabbing off about his latest military campaign and how he was a rising star in the world and she feigned interest, smiling prettily and batting her dark lashes at him when she remembered he was there. He wasn't so bad looking and she might have grown to like him if his eyes were not trained so heavily on the tops of her breasts, peeking through her deep red gown. Normally such a bold color made the London girls appear washed out and they strayed from it, preferring softer more pastel colors. Not Meredith though; with her pale complexion and dark hair the bold red only made her look even lovelier. Of course the tight stomacher pushing up her bosom and slimming her waist only added to the effect. She could not blame the man for his attentions, but now it was just becoming disgusting and Meredith was so very bored. She craved some excitement.

    It seemed her wishes would shortly be answered as the lady of the night entered the ballroom. She could admit that Elizabeth looked well enough, but her vanity would never let her think the simple girl was prettier than her. She scoffed, completely ignoring the man at her side as she drained the rest of her wine glass before sliding it into his hand and dipping him a quick curtsy. "If you will excuse me sir, I'd like to go and have a chat with my friend." She smiled before whisking away off into the crowd towards Elizabeth. Before she could get there, the poor girl was quickly confronted by three different men. Meredith flushed with jealousy but said nothing, opting instead to watch the scenario play out before her eyes. She recognized Sir Bartlett, and old fart who had made more then one pass at her. He certainly liked them young. The other younger men she did not know quite so well. One was quite handsome, with all the manners and airs of a man brought up well. The other seemed a little wild an unruly, but that intrigued Meredith immensely. Deciding she wanted to feel a bit more included, Meredith swooped in. She slipped her arm into Elizabeth's free one, linking them together as though they were childhood friends when they truly were not. "Oh Elizabeth you look so lovely tonight! But my, what a blush! All this sudden attention must be taking it's toll on you, I know you aren't use to it!" Her tone dripped with sweetness, trying to mask the insulting words. Meredith then turned to address the men. "Sir Bartlett, how wonderful to see you again. And... you two gentlemen are?" She drew in her breath ever so slightly pushing her breasts even further up while allowing her eye lids to widen, a look that had not failed her before. Yes she would capture these men's attentions before Elizabeth even had a chance.

    (Hope you don't mind Meredith and Eliabeth knowing each other. Perhaps they attended a girls formal academy together?)
  8. (Of course not, I don't mind at all)

    Lizzie was not going to have this man have power over her like was she was too fragile and ready to break at any moment. Before she could make up her mind, a young handsome man came over and grabbed the older gentleman's wrist. She noticed that her pursuer grimaced in pain by the younger man's hold on him. She felt the weight from his arm leave her waist instantly. Lizzie didn't like where this was going, the room suddenly felt heavier with tension building up between the two men. A rich, husky voice came from behind Elizabeth. Turning to the newcomer she felt her face instantly turned a deeper shade of red. The man was very well groomed with his dark shoulder length brown hair just barely touching the tips of his shoulders. He held himself like a true gentleman. He placed his hands on both of the men's shoulders and mentioned something about his father wanting to speak to Sir Bartlett on some matters.

    Once the older gentleman left, Lizzie was soon confronted by a young woman whom she knew fairly well; Meredith Ann Tudor. Not exactly friends but rather acquaintances. "Meredith, how lovely to see you dear." Trying to sound friendly and keeping calm. Meredith was dressed in a rich red gown that showed most of her cleavage. Will there goes my chance, Lizzie knew that she will always be second best compared to Meredith. She was perfect in any way, maybe too perfect in Lizzie's opinion.
  9. "im am duke damion. i control the territory to the north of here. sorry for the informalities., im not used to being a noble."
  10. William watched the crude older man leave and then turned his attentions back to the younger crowd. He smiled pleasantly at the girl who had approached the situation. Dark and bold were the only two words that came to his mind highly due to both her look at choice of dress. He removed his hand from the man and took a step sideways as to not impede on anyone’s personal space. He felt out of place now. He had been born and raised to deal with the hierarchy but felt more at home on the back of his horse in the immense fields behind his house.

    “William Allen Di’Angelo II. Please forgive me for the intrusion. I felt it best not to create such a scene in front of everyone. My father hadn’t asked for him specifically but wouldn’t mind the chat. I figured it the best way to rid ourselves of him.” He spoke to no one in particular and addressed them all diplomatically. His eyes never wandered below the neckline, as properly trained by his mother when he had been caught looking at the maids as a younger boy.
  11. Meredith pursed her lips together as Elizabeth greeted her. Charming as always. "Yes, well... Of course I had to attend your ball. An emerging young lady should not be without her friends on such a night." She patted Elizabeth's arm gently before releasing the girl. She had only used her as an excuse to introduce herself to the two gentlemen who had come to rescue her from Sir Bartlett. Her eyebrows raised when the man mentioned he as a duke. She had heard about the violent conflicts between the people in the northern territory. "So this is the 'savior of the north'?" Meredith moved closer to him, taking in his appearance. The newspaper had coined him as a savior since he'd ended years of needless bloodshed and assumed power. "My, I don't think I've ever met a real life hero before. Meredith Anne Tudor, at your pleasure your grace." She curtsied before him, bowing a bit lower then needed but she hoped the effort was not lost. He wasn't born a duke, according to the tabloids and local gossip, so it certainly explained his informality. In truth, she found it quite refreshing. He seemed exciting, perhaps even a bit wild...

    Enraptured with the Duke Damion, she had almost forgotten about the long haired gentlemen until he spoke up, introducing himself. The Di'Angelo name was one more familiar to her, their fathers being acquaintances as all men of society are. "Ah Sir Di'Angelo, I've heard so much about you. Lovely to meet you." Meredith dipped him a pretty curtsy, teeth flashing white as she smiled up at him. He seemed to be taking great lengths to ignore her cleavage. She almost giggled at the thought, deciding to make a game of testing his propriety. See just how long he could keep up the well-behaved gentlemen act in her presence.
  12. ((Hey guys. Just wondering if we are continuing this. It seems to be shaping up nicely, something I'd really enjoy. Let me know.))
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  14. "sir Di'Angelo, weren't you the duke who turned a dying territory to the most prosperous. Thats quite an achievement." he looked at meridith. being from the military he was not good at resisting the urge to look at her cleavage.
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