Hiii!! I'm Mandii

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  1. Hey! I'm not new here! I just so happened to make a new account that I will be active on :) I hope some of you admins remember Maya and I. I will be on here from now on! I promise <3

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  2. Well welcome back to the site! Please stick around and continue to be awesome! I'm Journey, and I terrorize people for fun. It's one of those great truths and wonders on Iwaku. Feel free to drop me a PM anytime!
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  3. Hi there and welcome back! :D How about passing me that old account name so I can go ahead and delete the old one for you?
  4. Welcome back, person I don't know.
  5. Welcome back, even though I have never met you.... That's okay, no one cares about that! xD
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