Highschool RP Anyone?

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  1. Obviously by the title you can tell the general basis of the storyline. It can be future,present, or past. It can be mythical, magical, modern, whatever your little heart desires, as long as its highschool.
    Um, I have no set idea other than the highschool setting but if you're interested just uh, reply? I'm still not sure how this works but hey, might as well try it out right? :)
    It can be a romance or a platonic rp. I try to be correct with spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and lean towards answering with paragraphs. Usually just one or two but they do get pretty lengthy if they are pertinent to the plot line.
  2. I'm totally interested! I'll message you and we can discuss what goes on :)
  3. Omg yay! okay I'm just going to forwarn you. I dance A LOT and when I dont I work but I PROMISE I WILL DO MY BEST TO ANSWER AT LEAST ONCE EVERYDAY! Mondays and Fridays I get off at 7pm so after its free game. Tuesday and Wednesday I dance from 5-9 and Thursday I dance 530-7. Saturdays anytime after 3pm and sundays i work 330-7. I'm just letting you know because I dont want you to think I forgot about you! I know its kind of an inconveniance and I'm REALLY SORRY >.< hope u still wanna rp??
  4. I'm interested in rping with you :)
  5. okie dokie~! :) Do you have a certain plot in mind or do you wanna just go for it?
  6. um, I'm open to anything really :)
    could we maybe have it be some kind of supernatural high school? like with vamps, werewolves, witches, etc. just to change it up
  7. Yeah totally!
  8. YAY!!! :D wanna make char. sheets or just jump into it?
  9. I'm interested. Are you still looking for a partner?
  10. PM me if you're still looking for a partner.

  11. I'm so interested! If your still up to roleplaying a high school setting, pm me