Highschool of the dead

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  1. Rei Miyamoto sat in the back of the bus with a rather batterd bat in her hand as she looked out the window. When are we ever going to get a break.... she thought to herself as she sighhed lightly, she held her skirt down as the wind blew through the window in front of her threatening to lift her skirt. " Can one of you please shut that window.... " She said as she threw a glare at the one sitting infront of her.
  2. "Don't worry, I will." Kenji said as he was closing the window. As he was closing the window, he noticed a shambling man walking strangely outside. Maybe he's just drunk or something. He thought to himself before sitting back in his seat and reading his book.
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  3. She looked out the window. " A drunk man that is bleeding or has blood around his mouth.... " she said as she watched the staggering man hit the side of the bus as the bus came to a stop. " Hey whats the hold up! " She said as she looked up front, the staggering man reached up to the window and tryed to pull himself up but only a trail of blood was left on the window.
  4. He woke up from being asleep in the back of the bus when it came to a halt, He looked up and scanned the bus like something was wrong. He then stretched his arms a bit and stretched out his legs not saying anything, He was that quiet kid in the back of the bus that barely anyone recognized except a few people. A kid in front of him and leaned over there seat looking at him and said " Its probably Akuma's long lost father " the boy laughed at his joke and a few others did to and then he sat down. Akuma shrugged it off knowing that if the kid wanted to fight him Akuma could tear his throat out but that was the last thing he wanted to do.
  5. Kenji stopped reading the book when the bus halted to a stop. "What's going on?" Kenji said to his classmate sitting next to him. "There's a strange guy trying to get into the bus, he's drooling out blood and I think he's hurt." he replied. The bus driver, deciding that it was just a man who was trying to get some help, went outside to see if he could help the strange man. However, as he approached the man, the man lunged at the bus driver, knocking him down to the ground. What Kenji saw next was a scene from a horror movie. Blood was coming out everywhere, organs were being ripped out and eaten. All he was able to do was just watch in horror as the scene unfolded in front of him. "Someone help the bus driver!" a girl in the front seat yelled. Knowing that he needed to do something, he unzipped his bag, brought out his kendo sword, and went outside to confront the man. "What are you doing to our bus driver?" Kenji asked. The strange man turned and looked towards him. Then he noticed that the strange man wasn't normal. His eyes were dilated and he smelled horrible. Kenji also noticed that the man a bite mark on his neck. "What are you?" Kenji said just right before being knocked down to the ground. The man was much stronger than he looked and all Kenji could do was push him back by pushing on his neck. His kendo sword was too far out of reach and he knew that without any help, he would suffer the same fate as the bus driver. "Help!" Kenji yelled.
  6. His head lifted up to the cry of help his body moving instinctively and violently out the back of the bus kicking the door open, He dropped to the floor and began taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves. He made it to the side of the bus and let his jacket hit the floor, He walked over slowly saying " Get off him " His fist colliding directly with the back of the man on top of Kenji. The beast curled backwards in an attempt to grab Akuma but Akuma's fist was to fast and planted right in the middle of the beast face causing it to crumble under itself and roll off of kenji. The creature wasn't done yet and it was getting up and leaping at Akuma already, Akuma ducked a swing of the beast's arm and landed a few chest jabs but the creature kept pushing forward " What the fuck..he should be downed already " Akuma then dodge another throw and slipped on his jacket. He landed on his back but stuck his feet out so the creatures chest met his feet, the man was obviously stronger and began pressing down slowly at Akuma. But akuma's face remained blank and had no emotion on it he wasn't scared he was shocked...that a man like this ate his punches.
  7. After someone knocked the monster off of him, he got back up and picked up his kendo sword. When he turned around to thank the guy, he saw that the monster was pressing on him. Natural instincts pushed in and Kenji started rushing toward the monster. Without any other second thought what was going to happen or how he would fight it, he kicked the monster off the guy. Before it had any chance of getting up, Kenji thrusted the kendo sword through it's head. Finally, it's over. He thought to himself. After regaining his composure, he helped the guy who saved him off the ground. "Thanks for saving my life" Kenji said.
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  8. Rei watched this from the window as her jaw just dropped," What the hell...? " she said as she stood up and got off the bus lookeing at the body of their bus driver, accept he was moveing. " She knelt down as she tryed to see what was wrong as the reanimated body of their bus driver pushed her back makeing her fall as she screamed out and scrambled to her feet running to the other two which had allready experianced this. " He's back but i don't think thats mister marikawa anymore. " She said as she jumped through the back of the bus and to her seat as she grabbed her baseball bat and waited as the bus driver soon got back on the bus tearing into the students that were closest to him. " Oh god...... "
  9. " This guy is...eating...no " He ran to the front of the bus and rushed inside he turned the corner and looked at the man devouring into students, He looked around and grab the metal bar that led to the bus door to open. He put his foot on the dash and yanked on the pole, The pole broke off and bent off leaving a sharpened end from the broken metal. He spun around and said " Mister Marikawa im sorry! " He thrusted the pole into the back of the guys head causing it to rip through the cranium and the body went limp dropping to the floor. He looked on in horror as he just killed the bus driver.
  10. " W-what's going on? " She asked scared now. " Wait if this is happening here then. OH my god... We need to goet to the school now! " She said as she got off the bus and started to run towards the schoo.
  11. Kenji was dumbfounded when he saw Mr. Marikawa rise up again. Unlike many of the monsters he's read in his books, this one was different. They were known as zombies for being able to rise back from the dead and infect other living people. What is going on. He thought as he looked at his surroundings. Everything was in complete chaos. People were eating one another and the ones who were just killed came back up as one of them. Police were firing at everyone, both zombies and humans. He took his phone from his pocket to call his parents to see if they were alright. "No signal, dammit!" Kenji growled. After hanging up, he noticed a group of zombies running towards his direction. He knew that if he stood in the open, he would end up dead. He then ran towards the nearest abandoned car. Before he got in, he noticed that there was a corpse inside. As he opened the door, the thing grabbed on his arm and tried to bite it. Kenji jabbed it in the face and pulled it out of the car. Unlike the other zombies, this one was smaller and weaker. When he got in, he started the ignition and started driving towards the school. He knew that the school was pretty far off from the city. It also had walls and a barred gate to keep trespassers out. If I'm able to get to the safety of the school, I could wait this out until the military arrives. Kenji thought to himself.
  12. He sat down on the bus drivers seat and looked back at the kids who had already rushed out the bus, He was the only one left except for the chewed on bodies. He began driving the bus again which was his only source of travel, He was pushing the gas and rushing as fast as he could a small frown on his face. He pushed through some cars that had crashed and skidded to the sides, He shook his head trying to get rid of images that had occurred just now and focused on the road. He then heard something move behind him, it was the bitten student they moved at him with the intent to kill. But he was moving at the speed of 60 mph and he didn't know what to do, He stood up and left a small book on the pedal letting the bus gain speed on this long road, He then breathed deeply and saw as one student lept at him. This was his only way to get out of here, He let the body jump at him but as it did he spun it towards the door and lept out with it. he hit the ground at 70 mph, the body being his cushon and helping him out alot as the body skidded a bit and then flipped, he rolled on his back and landed back onto the body continue to skid it on it until he was able to come to a slower speed and roll into a running position. Which he continued to run holding on a metal pole through this destroyed city.
  13. As Kenji was driving towards the school, the car started slowing down. He eventually noticed that his gas gauge pointed at empty. "Out of gas." he sighed. Kenji then opened the trunk of the car to see if there was anything he could use. Looking around, he noticed there was a 9mm pistol. He checked if there was any more bullets left in the magazine. "Three bullets." He groaned. After thoroughly searching the contents of the car's trunk, Kenji places the gun in his duffle bag and started heading off towards the school again.