Highschool DXD!

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Pretty much anything
HighSchool DxD

The Evil Piece System
Devils when they come of age are given a chess set called evil pieces. These evil pieces are put into life forms to become part of a peerage of the king. The king is the said noble devil. When sliding one of these pieces into a being they are reincarnated into a devil. They were created by Ajuka Beelzebub to replenish the number of devils after the great war. Each piece gives the user physical enhancements base on which piece they are. Rooks get increased strength and fortitude. Knights have beyond human capable speed. Bishops have increased magic abilities. The Queen all attributes increased leaning more to the magic bit of things. The most important piece or rather the pawn has the ability called 'promotion' when they are far enough into enemy territory with the kings permission they can become any of the other pieces.
Sacred Gear System
Sacred artifacts and/or weapons that were bestowed upon the humans by the biblical god. Most humans who have a sacred gear cannot activate it until they have become more powerful, however most humans don't even know they possess one. Each sacred gear can have multiple of the same one, except 13 of them, the Longinus gears. They are the 13 most powerful of the sacred gears. Every sacred gear has something called 'balance breaker', this is the ultimate state of a sacred gear, which is its most powerful form. Once achieved it becomes easier to enter it from there on out. There is also a transformation that only two of the longinus gears posses, these two are the boosted gear and divine dividing, and that form is called juggernaut drive and is considered forbidden, this removes the seal placed on the dragon within each of the two gears and uses the wielders life force to power it. There is also something known as 'sub-species' usually it's only the balance breaker that becomes a sub-species. Sub-species is when the gear takes on unique characteristics based on its wielder's thoughts and feelings. They are also more powerful than the original though. Only humans or human hybrids can be born with sacred gear.
The actual Rp stuff

Ok I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain what devils, angels, fallen angels, and dragons are. Well now if you are interested show it below I am also looking for a co gm if any wants to apply for it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Oh and you do not have to have a sacred gear, there is always magic if you don't want one.
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