Highschool Days

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    [size=+1]Do/did you enjoy highschool for the most part?
    What do/did you like most about it?
    What do/did you like least about it?
  2. High school for me was so miserable, I never graduated. c_____c YES. DIANA IS A HIGH SCHOOL DROP OUT. (Do not try that at home. D: REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES.)

    Middle School traumatized me so bad, that by High School I was a mental wreck. Being around people constantly and fearing for my physical safety. c___c I never got any work done. Throw in home-life drama, those were the worst, most horrible years of my entire life. T_____T I cannot even begin to describe all of the horrible things that happened during that timespan.

    ...the only thing I liked about it was lunch period. ._.; We had a choice of Pizza, Salad Bar, or Lunch of the Day. I always choose salad bar cause their salad was awesome!
  3. Oh high school...

    For the most part I didn't enjoy high school. >.> Despite the whole cliche about preppy girls and jocks, my high school didn't have those. We actually had a lot of smart people who basically competed against each other to see who got the higher grade... So the atmosphere was pretty tense and high stress. Lots of us were in honors or AP courses which is good, but again, lots of stress going around. Some people took the stress rather well, I wasn't one of those people.

    The only things I really did enjoy about high school was band and theater. Band up until my junior year where I had enough of my teacher not disciplining people. And theater for only about a term or so before the melodramatic people made me want to shoot them. I'm sooo glad I'm done with it. College was absolutely fantastic for me.
  4. I'm going my last year and I love my high school :D
    The only thing I don't like is that some lessons are really boring but there are great people there and great teachers. In my first year I had some problems with some people that I didn't like but now I feel that I can be with anyone in school x)
  5. I ~think~ I liked high school at the time, but looking back, oh man am I glad I don't have to do it again!

    As a classic nerd, any class that encouraged me to expand my thoughts I loved, regardless of grades. I was there to learn, not to serial date nor even get good grades, because I was repeatively told I wouldn't possibly be able to go to college.

    I hated getting pulled into my so called friends dramas with their dating lives! They were the reason I didn't want to date, they were idiots. I like literary drama, not trauma drama!
  6. High school had its days. I was never around the 'normal' kids in high school because I was in an academy within the school. The academy kids always had classes together and very rarely were we integrated with the rest of the student body besides a couple electives, lunch, and whatever happened after school. Even then the academy kids seemed to stick together.

    I like learning. I like school >.< for the most part anyway. I liked my teachers and most of the people.

    I hated being joked though; that did happen every so often. I hated how dirty the bathrooms were too. AND P.E. Hated that class. I got joked for how I ran =/
  7. It depends, I did enjoy junior high school quite much, we were a close gang hanging out all the time and while most girls and guys were crazy/jerks it was a fun three years except the whole being picked upon and guys running around with knives and driving mopeds in the corridors or chasing their so called friends with chairsXD We had good teachers as well, except our English teacher who is responsible for me learning my English through movies and books and also said she couldn't raise the grades for a guy in class because then she'd have to raise all the other students grades as well@.@

    High school was also quite good, it took two hourse to get to school and unfortunatley I choose the NV addition to my small animal line so we had freakishly hard math, physics and chemestry. And some girls in my class that unfortunatley hung out in the same group as me were less than nice but overall it was fun, especially as we had several subjects about animals, biology, ethology and other fun subjects included in the Natural Resource Programme. Too bad our teacher who made our schedules screwed up completely and in year three realized that we needed 50 points of history as well and put in an extra hour after school were we had history. Our math and physics teacher was a fossil as well, he was boring, reeked of cigarette smoke and left us to take smoke breaks every once in awhile, when he died in or third year we also learned tha we had only learned 1/10 of what we should have in Math D, it was a very fun last three months>.<

    But all in all I had fun in high school actually though I prefer juniour high school still:)
  8. Not a fan of high school. I liked college more.
  9. Raz, don't you post the same thing every time someone mentions high school? XD
    Nice to see you around though. Stop lurking and stick around. Let some patients die. It'll be okay.

    As for me, high school was all right until my junior and senior year. Even then, all the pressure was pressure that I put on myself.
    I got sick a lot though in high school...
    The last few years sucked because of the combined efforts of IB and the fact that all my friends had been older than me, so they all graduated and I was lonely.
  10. High school was alright. I smoked a lot of pot and partied all the time, but still managed to get decent grades.
  11. I hated high school. Shit was boring, other kids were dicks outside my friends, and lugging around a backpack full of textbooks to the other side of the school SUCKED.
  12. While I may have met some of my best friends in there, I really don't have any good memories from it, you know, besides dropping out.
  13. For the most part, I love high school. Yeah, there's drama. Yeah, there's idiots that I want to shoot [the entirety of Gold House, where all the freshmen clusterfuck IN MY WAY TO CLASS, and those black people, not to be racist, that run into you and are like, "Bitch, watch whurr you be goin'."]. But there's awesome times, like fun teachers, being with my friends, and the lunch is pretty good. ^^

    I'm a senior now, by the way. ;3 I'm gonna miss high school a lot. I'm not ready to be an adult! D;

    Oddly one of the things I'll miss most is the fries. When they're actually cooked well [sometimes they're break-teeth crunchy or really soggy] they're really good. o.o
  14. The lowest point in my high school journey was 9/11, which occured my freshmen year (Having to do my Senior English Project twice comes in a distant second).

    High point: F'in TECH CAMPUS! (M y HS had two(!) campuses, the main one and a vocational one)
  15. I can never figure out how that worked in highschool.

    It baffles me.
  16. Ah, High School... Just one of the many, many reasons I have negative self-esteem. I moved from New York (the state) to Ohio in the second grade, so immediately everyone who was born in this tiny town disliked me. It only got worse as I worked my way up to High School. I had maybe five friends, or you could just call them people I talked to. Now I see that all those people have really gone their separate ways. I only really talk to my best friend anymore who owns her own apartment with her boyfriend, has a job and goes to college.
    Anyway in 11th grade I went to a trade school where I literally had zero friends and an A+ in every class. School was no longer a challenge, it got so boring and pointless. I dropped out, and in the same year took my GED and graduated a year and a half before my class. In a nutshell, High School was a huge waste of time.
  17. I LOVED High school! :D I was the kid that traveled from group to group.. I had the older friends, the more preppy-ish friends (though I didn't spend much time there. >>; I could only take so much.), then the awesome geek and nerdy friends. :) Once my older friends graduated, a group of younger ones formed around me and for some reason declared me leader. oO; I got one of my best guyfriends out of it, and I have to admit.. being the leader for a couple of years was pretty sweet. XD

    Though my grades were nothing to brag about, I did love the classes. History and Chemistry being my favorites. By the time I was a senior I was sitting around in the art room for two periods after leaving a very interesting comparitive religions class. Not to mention being able to wander to the band room and play my drums. 8D

    That being said, I wouldn't do it again. I much pefer college. :P