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  1. High Iwaku, I'm Blaze and I like to RP. I recently got back into RPing around this time last year over on RPNation. I'm the GM of four RPs over there. Well... three RPs. My Fire Emblem RP used a lot of bbcode and got super screwed over in their new update and they haven't given us the tools to fix stuff like that yet.

    But whatever :D I like to RP all sorts of stuff, especially funny stuff. I'm also really big on playing multiple characters. I love world building and I feel like the more characters you have to work with, the more world you have to build.

    I tend to write at least a paragraph, but usually more. I'm mostly here for 1x1's just to kinda test the waters out, but I love an active group RP too. I do GM for four other RPs though and I've got a pretty busy real life too. However, most of my responsibilities are responsibilities I place on myself as opposed to other people assigning them to me, so I've got a lot of free time ^_^

    I have zero sensitivities, I'll RP pretty much anything. And also, I love Fire Emblem. In fact, I'm gonna make a Fire Emblem RP riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight after I'm done with this. Which is now. Hasta.
  2. HeLOW, and welcome to Iwaku!

    I hope you treat baby Takumi with utmost respect >:c

    But I also hope you like it here~
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  3. Welcome to the Dark Side, literally... I mean really... Iwaku's main theme is black... But yeah... Let's not talk about it...

    WELCOME I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY! Feel Free to ask questions and Someone will answer it.
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  4. Welcome to Iwaku! ♥
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  5. ayyyyy blaze is here!
    welcome to iwaku: what rpn should be XD
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  6. Don't worry... our little pineapple headed brother is safe in my hands :3

    ...Except when I'm playing Conquest. Then he can totally get rekt.
  7. Then you need to love poor baby Leo. 8 )

    It's always the little brothers that need a good hair-rufflin'.
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