INTEREST CHECK High school RP with a twist

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  1. I was thinking of doing a High school RP but it have a twist of a normal human girl goes to a high school and doesn't know it is a high school for vampire, werewolves ect

    and she ends up falling in love with one of the other characters i need as someone to play :)

    if you have other ideas for the RP then please tell me, i am open to other ideas
  2. woohoo :)

    you have an idea on what you would play as in creature?
  3. werewolf absolutely, Full control over transformation, unless its a Fullmoon i get a bit feral. id probably be a junior and id be the Alpha of the junior wolves. kinda like clans but split by Class and type. so vampires would have their class leaders for each grade as well
  4. you picked a good creature, i have a thing for werewolves and wolfs :)

    and then my person could be a junior and come in to your classes as she could maybe have werewolve decendants but never changes into one but they allow her into the school? and your character could be told to look after her and then end up falling for each other
  5. ill post a picture of Summerset Alexander Hope (my character )
  6. okayy, after my dinner i'll make the thread :)
  7. are you going to put what your character looks like on this one or on the actualy thread?
  8. here

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  9. awesomeee, i don't really know what mine looks like so i'll sort of explain her in the thread and you can imagin what she looks like
  10. Can I please join?"
  11. ok ^^ We can start first day of school, im Class rep aka Alpha i have a tight group of friends. the class reps are picked freshman year and stay class rep till end of senior year, its a cycle. Summerset absolutely hates vampires btw lol
  12. okayyy sounds good :)

    hahah Becca :), i might have to ask for the RP to be moved, unless you want to make our own one Becca? :) <3
  13. It would be cool to do a joint one I think - you could maybe ask Vay or Diana to move it.
  14. ahaha, yeah could try and do a joint one, i'll ask someone to move it, trying to think what it would come under though would it be sci-fi or fantasy?
  15. Fantasy I think...
  16. or unless i just make a new one and we do a similar thing and have us 3, i'd find that easier
  17. Im very much ok with this, O.o do i smell love triangle and lots of drama?! makes for such intense rp