High school romance

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  1. Hi, I'm Oblivionstem ^^

    The roleplays I'm in at the moment are moving reasonably slowly at the moment, so I'm looking to start a new one. I have a basic idea down, and I was thinking we could kind of run free-form with it, see where it leads us. I will be playing a a shy and/or geeky guy moving to a new school, where your character will be the "Miss popularity". Your character will end up being stuck with mine, perhaps they're given the task of looking after him on his first few days, then during a schooltrip, something happens to cause a romantic spark between them, though of course being who you are, you already have a boyfriend, but he's a douche.

    Yeah it's pretty generic, but that's what I'm looking for at the moment ^^ I expect my partners to be able to post at least once a day, and at least 2 paragraphs. I don't usually do CS's for a OnexOne, but if you want to we can, I'm fine either way.
    Oh, and be literate, no u's :)
    Post here or PM me o/
  2. Interested!
  3. Great, would you like to do CS's or not?
  4. Hmmm. we don't have to C's. I might do one liners on occasion but I'll try to match your paragraph length.
  5. Definitely interested!
  6. Okay, if everyone could post here an example post here so I can choose someone that would be great.
  7. (No problem ^^ )

    A single look back was all that she needed. Hair was properly done, lips touched with a clear gloss. Make-up was incredibly light, giving her an all natural look minus the soft shade on her eye-lids. Utter perfection…or so her friends would say. Few of them unable to help themselves from running a hand through silk like black strands of hair. There was no strand out of place and all knots had been undone earlier in the morning before she arrived. Yet, despite the compliments she received, Ayana couldn’t help herself but feel that something was missing. That something wasn’t right.

    “Aya, let’s go! I bet you he’s already at your locker!”

    Her friend gripped her soft wrist, pulling her out of the girl’s restroom and up the stairs to their floor. Heels clicked against the tiles as they made their way up, easily snaking through the crowd towards their destination. Left. Right. Left. Right. Her friend was as hyper as ever, but something was different this morning. She had noticed it on her face while Ayana had fixed her lips gloss. Her friend’s eyes were glued to the cell phone screen, almost as if waiting for a message from someone. No, not just a random someone…it was a special person. Someone who she looked forward to speaking with.


    A soft smile caressed her lips as Ayana came to face with the familiar boy. Short tousled chest nut hair. Green eyes that made her heart race while bringing a flush to her cheeks. He was the ideal boy that any girl would want. A perfect gentleman with a strong lean build. Or so, that was what everyone thought. His appearance was a priority to him, which came to only add pressure to her keeping herself up. There was no excuse. Not when a boy had the time to look this perfect.

    “What took you so long?” His tone held amusement, but Ayana knew better.

    His hand reached out, caressing her cheek. Fingers following the lining of her jaw before they held her chin, raising her face to meet his. In the background, her friends giggled, whispering how cute it was. Of how they wished they could find love like them. But they didn’t know. They never knew the truth of what really went on behind closed doors.

    A soft peck shared and he let her go. Again, their squealing made her blush as she looked to them, finding it difficult not to laugh. His arm snaked over her shoulder, holding Ayana close while they group went on, discussing their plans for the upcoming weekend. Maybe they would hit a party. Or possibly head over to the beach house. Whatever the case, one thing was for certain: It was going to be the weekend. Everyone would be invited. Music would be blasted. Drinks would be served. It was going to be the party of the year.
  8. Upon her rival to the school in her new 2012 convertible she saw her friends in the parking lot chatting and catching up after a long summer vacation. "Hey there!" she said as she parked her car next to her friends. Her friends shocked at the sight of her new car, was astonishing.

    "Guess someone got their license finally?" Sarah said hopping in to take a look at the interior.

    "Yea, finally. Thank God, It was torture not having it."

    "Ready for another year, Ophealia?" Devyn asked her. He was known as the goth/rocker of the group. His short wavy hair tied in a pony tail.

    "Definitely, it's gonna be awesome. It's senior year any way." The bell rang for classes to begin. "Let's get to homeroom we don't want to be late on the first day."

    Entering the building with her friends behind and Devyn with his arm around Ophealia, all heads turned in the highway to look at them.

    "Oh no, they're back." One student said to another.

    "Whose back?" The other student asked.

    "Ophealia and her friends they're known as the Squad, they're the popular kids. You don't want to get in their way trust me." Ophealia and her friends had wealth and always wanted to flaunt it. Today was different they were smiling and being welcoming to everyone they passed, this was uncommon. But after a few weeks of school getting officially started things would change. They entered homeroom and took they're seats. Ophealia noticed a new kid but didn't say anything to him, since he was considered a nerd or geek to the rest of her friends. She wanted to say hi to him, but her friends wouldn't allow it and continued to mingle with them.