High School Romance? (All Bros welcome!)

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  1. Hello! I'm new to this site and I've never done a roleplay on a site like this so I hope I'm doing this right. Let me know if you're interested! The idea is a little cliche, but I'd like to think that two very competent writers would make it interesting, because I've been wanting to try this out for a while. I'd like for this to be lighthearted and fun, but also dramatic in that it shows some serious character development and goes beyond the typical shojo plot.

    So here's a general, not-very-fleshed-out-because-of-reasons-plot:

    It shall be a witty and classic high school roleplay where my character is a tomboy who is the ultimate bro in every way to the male character. Said male character is very popular with the ladies (the reason why is up to you, maybe he's class president and chicks dig the pres, or he's the ultimate flirt and always has his next date lined up, etc., you can get creative), and they chill and eat and drink some alcohol from their parents' liquor cabinet and play video games together and sports and go to the arcade and my character will tease him about all the girls that are after him for the D. And sometimes without thinking, he'll be like "Yo, why don't you get a girlfriend?" and then remember "Oh, right, girl." Because it's sometimes that easy to forget between her attitude and disposition. She doesn't care that he slips like that, many people do it, and she knows she's more bro than hoe, and her alcohol tolerance is off the charts and she can pack a punch and she has more height than a lot more height than many of the guys and girls in their school which only adds to that image. But then, plot twist! What happens when the male character begins to start noticing in small ways that his best bro, is indeed a girl. And in fact, may be a girl that he likes a lot. But that can't be right.. Right?Liking your best bro must be against the bro code and this fem-bro doesn't seem to have a romantic bone in her body.

    Kind of what she would look like:

    I apologize for the largeness of these photos. I can't figure out how to put tags or attachments on it.
    Now, I'm a much better roleplayer than that summary suggests. I kind of wrote it up in like three minutes and wanted to intentionally make it sound light and casual and like it came from an episode of How I Met Your Mother. If you want a real judge on my writing skills and what I like/dislike or expect in a roleplay, check out my roleplay resume.
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  2. hmm interested. What's your writing style
  3. Hmm, my writing style usually changes a little to fit the genre or character. I have a tendency to be a little more flowery in my writing if it's fantasy, but if in modern life, I tend to focus more on thoughts, emotions, the situation at hand, if that makes any sense. I also typically write about 2-3 paragraphs, but if my partner writes more than that, I usually try to match it.
  4. Damn the girl looks like me...
  5. that's great, I can do 2-3 paragraphs depending on how I feel and what the other person writes but ill never Ever have anything less then a paragraph. If you want we can do the rp but a few questions. How old are the characters and where should this take place or it doesn't matter?
  6. I'd love to RP with you! And I would say the characters are somewhere between 16-18 but we can also change it so they'll be in college depending on your preferences. And as far as where I don't really mind where, it could be anywhere but I was wondering if you would want to do a regular school or a boarding school with dorms and stuff instead?
  7. Hey, sounds cool! Yes, I am a girl, but I have more experience with male characters than I care to admit. Would you mind rp'ing with me? (I feel like a desperate baby Dalek XD)
  8. hmm it could be a boarding school. And do you mind putting up the thread