High School. Male X Male. Teacher/Teacher.

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  1. Okay so I've had this idea for a while and it's just so.. Interesting. I'm literally compelled to do it.

    This is what it's going to be about. |

    Ronnie Staz, AKA, Mister Staz. Just became the new Language Arts Teacher. He, for no absolute reason, was a very… Short male. Getting his mothers Gene's, he's only 5'6. He has Beach blonde hair with Hazel eyes, dimples, and for some reason… Freckles… He just never grew out of them.
    Everyone thought he was a student, but he quickly corrected them.

    ANYWAYS, lets get on with what it's about.

    He's a very calm and collected teacher, but he can be somewhat strict when needed. He's never been the Dominant one though, usually he always will be Submissive.

    Alright so that's mostly about Ronnie, I will not go into detail with whoever decides to join this Role Play's character because it's honestly their choice.

    There will be Sexual Theme, Gay, Abuse, Etc. So please, if you are not comfortable with any of that, please do not join.

    Thank you for joining! (( Whoever joins. ))

    ~ Reality.
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    Oh yeah, this sounds interesting.
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    Really!? Yaay ~ Huggles ~ c;
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