High School Horrors

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  1. Name: Elizabeth Harold
    Age: 16
    Year of High School: Junior
    Place in the social ladder: Nice girl
    Secret: She's V


    Elizabeth walked into WHHS for her 3rd year attending the local high school. Only this time she was an upper class man, with a dark plan. She was an expert at gossip, and though she hid her dark side with a sweet smile, Elizabeth had a plan to shake things up this year.
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    Name: Luna
    Age: 15
    Year of High School: junior
    Place in the social ladder: The Unknown Kid (the one you don't noticed or The one in the shadows)
    Secret: her family hates her and abuses her. tried to kill herself 4 times failed everyone of them

    Luna walked down the halls Unnoticed like always. if someone bumped into her they wound't noticed. she walked till she got to her locker. opening it she dropped her books into the locker and sighed. "Another day another Bullshit" she mumbled to her self. she grabbed her stuff and then shut her locker then walked off. Unnoticed once more.
  3. Elizabeth watched Luna, a younger girl in her grade. The girl looked almost as tragic as her home life. The poor girl would probably be bullied here but no one even noticed her enough to make a spectacle out of her. Elizabeth smirked as her eyes stayed on the girl as she walked. "Equal vengeance for everyone" She thought as she closed her own locker and pulled out her phone.

    A quick text to Luna and she hit send.

    "Poor Luna, can't even be noticed enough to be bullied.. But don't worry I notice you.. -V-"
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  4. Luna Stopped walking to look at her phone..... Unknown. she shrugged and opened it to see what Scam she got this time only to gasp and started to shake. V....? who is this person Why does he know me! She looked around no one looked at her. she was scared even more she texted back.

    What Do you want..... how do you know me!- Luna

    Luna jumped at the sound of the bell. she then turned her phone off and ran to her class room.
  5. Elizabeth walked at a distance from Luna and smiled a bit as she watched the girl shake and run off to her classroom. Some might call her crazy, mental, and or looney. Really though, Elizabeth was only after one thing... Vengeance

    "Oh dear.. You haven't heard of me yet? Well.. I'm the bitch that's going to ruin your life" -V-
  6. name: Isaac & Rose
    Age: 18 (Isaac) 16 (Rose)
    Year: Senior, Sophomore
    Ladder: Isaac is a perfect straight A student and currently class president, Rose is a clumsy failing student integrated into Isaac's social circle.
    Secret: Isaac has been seeing someone else way before he met Rose last year, Rose is unaware that she's the 'chick'.


    Rose kissed Isaac on the cheek before he disappeared behind the door of his class, he had advanced calculus, a class that counted as college credit. There wasnt much out of the ordinary, Isaac had always been distant with her, and she figured thats just his nature. But, regardless she was proud of his accomplishments and proudly hummed down the hallway passing by all the advanced classes that she made a point that she was gonna strive for. Unfortunately she wasnt the sharpest tool in the shed.
  7. Character Sheet:
    Name: Justice Daniels
    Age: 16
    Year of High School: Somophone
    Place in the social ladder: school band player (drums)
    Appearance: http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/users16/nekoitachie/default/anime-boy--large-msg-118210395049.jpg
    Secret: Justice has been expelled from his old school...for setting it on fire. Thinking of which, he sets everything on fire...

    Justice decided to skip class...again. Though today he was going to do something worthwhile. Humming a beat for the band, he opened his locker, and pulled out some books, for the decent lessons today, chucking them into his backpack.
  8. Elizabeth was rounding the corner when she saw Isaac kiss Rose on the cheek and a light bulb went off in her head. Ohhhh no. They weren't.. He wasn't.. O this is too good... She thought as she pulled out her cel phone

    "Well well well, Mister smarty pants has a thing for Rosie posie huh? Let's see how that plays out.." -V-

    Elizabeth was about to enter her class when she saw Justice at his locker. Interesting enough, he was V's next target.

    "Warning: Pyro boy is on the move. Can't play with fire for long Justice. It always ends up burning you.." -V-
  9. Justice heard his phone ping.

    Hell what? Who are you? I'll find you and I will make you burn. -Justice

    "Some goddamn idiots in this school..." he muttered deciding to go to class after all.
  10. Elizabeth smirked as she replied.

    "You can't make some one burn when they're the ones holding the matches. And you're the gasoline Justice, I just became your worst nightmare" -V-
  11. Sitting in class, Justice heard his phone ping again.

    Nightmare? Yeah right. More like idiot. If you wanna annoy me, do it to my face.

    He didn't care if he got caught. This person was annoying. Really annoying. But also wussy.
  12. "Really? Cause I think mess in with your mind is so much more fun. Almost as much fun as telling the whole school what you did to your last school.. Pyro" -V-
  13. How do you...why do you...who told you that? You know, I'm really starting to hate you.

    Justice wanted to prove this person wrong. He wasn't a pyro. Actually, he probably was. But how did they know about his last school? Wasn't that only in his records? He hadn't told anyone...had he?

  14. "Hate me all you want honey, but I know EVERYTHING about you.. about everything. Keep your eyes open Justice.. Or i might burn your house down-V-

    Elizabeth laughed softly as she walked into her classroom and sat down.
  15. "That's it," muttered Justice, standing up, and slamming the door as he left class. He went behind the bike shed.

    Who are you? What do you want?

    Lighting a match, Justice just watched the fire for a few moments, before blowing it out and stubbing it into the ground. He sat there just thinking about V.
  16. Name: Mist, barely shortened version of Misty.
    Age: 18
    Year of School: Junior.
    Position In Social Ladder: Nerd.
    [[Obviously without the sword and more modern and modest clothes]]
    Secret: Her brother Ash sexually abuses her.

    Mist slammed her locker shut after rearranging it and grabbing the books she would need for today's classes. She slipped a hand into her pocket and pressed the volume down button until it was set to vibrate mode as she hurried into her advanced calculus class, quickly taking a seat and placing her bag down.
  17. He sat next to his class buddy, the classroom door opening wide almost immediately after his enterance. He simply tilted his head that leaned in his hand and acknowledged her existence with a simple exchange of glances that may have lasted a couple seconds. The teacher hadnt even lifted his nose from his novel for it was still pretty early, and in his theory it'd be pointless to begin class before those annoying morning announcements that the simpletons of the school bought into so much: The football scores, the recognition awards. None of it really mattered to Isaac, his buddy next to him, much less their professor.

    A sudden buzz in his pocket distracted him, and he pulled it out to see what it was. He assumed it was Rose and her morning 'Love U, do well in class' message.

    "What is it? you normally dont pay more than 2 seconds to your phone when its your bimbo girlfriend", his class mate next to him asked.

    "Its not...some gossip girl or something seems to have it in for me" Isaac replied. "Hope shes smart enough not to use her real phone number, otherwise I can just reverse phone search this bitch".

    "Ha that'd be pretty anti climactic" His friend added. "Are you gonna respond?"

    "Later, as class president, theres been plenty of attempts to ruin my reputation."
  18. "Justice all I want you to do is get close to someone for me...a girl.. her name is Rose, a sophomore here.. Befriend her.. Or I'll have a little fireworks show ready for you.." -V-

    She smirked as she hit send again and closed her phone. Elizabeth was watching Mia as se entered the classroom. Poor girl had a hard life, and Elizabeth did feel sorry for her.. But V didn't...

    "Mia mia mia always a lone.. sad really, how even your brother doesn't love you enough to stop beating you huh?" -V-
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  19. Justice sighed happily when the person didn't reply, and quickly added their number as 'Track down and burn'. Hopefully he'd be able to track that idiot down. He didn't know what to do now though. He couldn't go back in school, the teacher probably had it in for him now, he couldn't go home because his parents would be annoyed and he couldn't go anywhere else with his god damn uniform.
  20. Rose continued to stare at her phone, her pleasant smile slowly faded as her message had once again gone ignored... as usual. "Oh well, it must be tough to be such a straight A student" she sighed to herself and sunk her face into her elbows on the desk. She was in such a honeymoon state with Isaac that she was oblivious to her own beauty and all the attention that she unwitting brought to herself. It was just another day in class, with those who didnt seem to care much for their own education as demonstrated by some kid in the back corner of her class leaning against the wall and sticking pencils up his nose. "Im sure there arent guys like that in his class".