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  1. Without giving away any details, I wanted to throw out an idea I tried to start a one x one on. I did some thinking and help some help (thank you bluberriesxD) the setting of this r.p takes place in a modern large town maybe 10,000 to 15,000 people. This town is different from others as it harbors a dark past. One only the elder townsfolk know about. The private high school only recently made public do to complaints by local parents is full of rumors. Rumors mainly consisting of the old school building which lies behind the new building a few hundred yards away. The building is hidden just inside the treeline of a large forest, with no road or pathway leading to it.

    As a group r.p: a group of friends venture into the expansive building and encountered something....and it isn't friendly. Escaping the group decides to create a club that only they know of and investigate. The only problem is that later on people and characters will die. And I don't wish to upset anyone by killing their character and or characters. The one x one r.p has the same idea expect the high school remains a private learning center and one student ventures into the building and decides to investigate it himself. With the help with one or two friends. The problem with this is the character has to be male for the plot to work correctly. And I'm not gonna force that.

    This boy will exist in the group r.p just surrounded by friends wanting to figure out the terrible mystery.
    Anyone who is interested let me know feel free to give suggestions and ideas, Thank you for reading. (^_^)

    Group or solo this r.p is intended to be a long running one. I have wanted to do this r.p for months this is one of the reasons I joined the forums :3
  2. I am definitely down for a horror RP! And I'm sure I could convince Hirohashi to join me ^^!

    I also don't mind if my character dies~ Just not too soon? :3
  3. Oh the dieing parts won't occur for along time. (>_<)
  4. Do you already know what is really going on with the mysterious building in your head? ^^' Or will that be developed by us eventually or even before the RP begins?
  5. Tehehe oh I know, backstory and everything is complete.
  6. o_O Did you just kind of give away the story?
  7. No! >_> at least I don't think so. I changed the post just in case
  8. Idk >__> Do you mean that you are going to play the haunted building or that what you said is what's haunting the building :@
  9. Oh you'll see ^_^
  10. Well I feel like I already know........... So~ I will be incorporating that knowledge into my character~ Otherwise, I'm really bad at pretending I didn't read it XD

    Edit: That's if you approve of course... I could be wrong anyway XD I also won't give my hypothesis away~
  11. What is your idea?
  12. What's the fun in giving it away? :P
  13. I just want see if your correct cause there is so much more than meets the eye.
  14. I'm waiting lol
  15. Fine.

    That the main character has a large part to do with the reason the building is haunted. Either he is haunting it directly or he acts as a means for the building to remain haunted.

    The main character is taking these students into the building for a number of purposes which I can assume:
    1) He needs students to haunt/scare
    2) He wants salvation, and only a 'special' student can grant him that. All others who can't die trying.
    3) He is being threatened by the building/whatever is haunting it to take these students to the building, or he must suffer the consequences.
    4) He is a dumbass with nothing else to do.

    Thus, regardless, the students are just pawns of the main character.
  16. Sorry I didn't mean to be pushy, I was just curious.
  17. Perhaps this means I should wait alittle longer.
  18. Well... I don't know if you're interested, but there's another horror/ghosts haunting a building RP that's in the sign up stage.

    *Invites you to join* The more the merrier~ Except your character would have to die *mine is and I think it's more exciting that way, anyway*