High School Delusions?!

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  1. Eight-grade syndrome, more commonly known in Japan as Chuunibyou, often terrorize those in their adolescent years. Some say it's a phase teenagers go through, others say teenagers develop it by being exposed to certain media. But a better way to describe it, is that Chuunibyou can be called a disease, albeit one that cannot be shaken off by mere medicine. Sometimes adorable, but often dreadful, its symptoms are associated with an overactive imagination and a peculiar behavior resulting from a new-found self-awareness. Like the guy who's only been reading light novels up until yesterday, then suddenly starts writing his own novels and living his own fantasy to find 'inspiration', or someone who has never played any instrument before, but still tries to play the guitar as if he's a famous rock star.
    And then there are those who believe they posses special powers, being chosen by the gods to uphold their duties to rid the world of evil.
    Really, there are different types of this disease. Most of the time, it subsides during the first year of Senior High. Sometimes, it follows through until one graduates High School. But in rare cases, teenagers only develop it during Senior High.
    The story follows a group of young adults as they go through the everyday delusions created by such a disease. Will it pose a threat as they try to function in society, or will they completely reject the social norms of High School as a result of Chronic Eight-grade syndrome?

    Good day, Iwaku! I am bored, and I'm pretty sure some of us here are too. That is why I present to you an idea loosely based on the anime, 'Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!'. If you've already seen it, I'm sure you know how wacky and epic things are gonna get! That's right, epic. There's going to be a lot of delusional fighting scenes. You may as well call it an RP within an RP!
    ...Technically, they're LARPing, but... you get the picture.
    I'm going to add more info later, about the school and certain activities. Oh, and I may or may not write about the Fantasy part, it really depends on inspiration. Questions and suggestions are highly encouraged.

    Aaaand the OOC is up!
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  2. Possibly in o-o Sounds interesting enough, depends on if a sudden character idea pops up for me :P
  3. I'm in sounds really fun to me :)
  4. Wow, that was fast D:
    Great! I hope to roleplay with you guys in the near future :D
    Just to note; I might add a class system and skills and abilities, but it depends on what chuunibyou your character has. Like the narrator said, there are different types of it.
  5. Oh...intresting. I may join.
  6. i may be interested.
    looking forward to a bit more information.
  7. Yo guys, the OOC is up and running! Though I only added as much info so you guys can start making your characters. I'll add more once I get back from school.
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