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  1. Hi, as you can most probably guess from the title I am looking for a female partner to roleplay a female character in a High Fantasy, medieval setting alongisde my male character. I only do MxF.

    With regards to the roleplay once I have found a partner (Wishful thinking) I would like to discuss how the roleplay would begin with you, and the opening posts would revolve around what we discussed. Then we would make it up as we went along.

    With the actual writing, I guess I've been in a writey mood recently, and as such I would like (Again, wishful thinking) to create the world as we post, the cities/details/history etc and as a result I guess A bare minimum of paragraphs would be 3 or 4? But that really depends on the situation, obviously there's nothing wrong with a paragraph and one-liners when we're having a conversation.

    I love building the world I roleplay in as much as I enjoy roleplaying in it.
    Another thing, I like to add the image of my character in every post I make, and it would be awesome if you could do that too.

    Alas, I feel the request is becoming too long for something which essentially details nothing, but if you're interested shoot me a PM or post down below.


    quick edit: I should proof read everything I type there were too many mistakes in this, I know I missed out on a capitalized ''a'' somewhere....

    When I roleplay I do proof-read my post, don't worry
  2. Bumping for fantasy justice :(
  3. Hiii!! I'm totallllllllly in... if that's ok :)
  4. Oh my gosh. Sign me up. World-building is my specialty, to be honest, and I'm more than happy playing a female role. :)
  5. Well I am too late. Two other ladies made it before me :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.