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  1. hey ! i'm robbie, and i've been searching for someone to roleplay hidekane with me ! ( hide x kaneki from tokyo ghoul )

    i do have a few requirements but i'm honestly looking for a casual roleplay. i'd prefer not to write more than 2 paragraphs, and i'd love to communicate and discuss stuff ooc with my partner ! especially if it's about tokyo ghoul or the ship itself.
    • i promise, when i'm writing, my grammar isn't like this. i use correct punctuation and capitalization, i'm just lazy ooc o;
    • try not to write over 2 paragraphs ! as i said up there. i'm looking for something casual. i've got a lot going on and don't have time to write extremely long replies !
    • my name is robbie, i'm sixteen, and i like to think i'm pretty friendly o;
    • this will involve romance. i mean, it's a ship. so.
    • i'd prefer to play Hide.
    • i do like smut to happen, so i'd prefer my partner to be a teen member as well ( since it's what i'm comfortable with AND it'd be breaking the site rules otherwise, if we were to rp explicit content ! ) but it's not a requirement. i'm just super desperate for someone to roleplay this with me, tbh.
    • i'm cool with aus or just roleplaying in the regular tg verse. i'm also completely caught up with the anime and the manga.
    • my activity will most likely be at it's peak on fridays and saturdays. tuesdays and thursdays are hard, i have classes until 5:30pm, and i do have year-round school and a lot of homework, so i can't promise ridiculously fast replies all the time !
    • don't be passive aggressive. it makes me anxious, and i won't hesitate to block anyone who is making me feel anxious constantly or unsafe. please communicate with me !
    i think that's all ? if you have any other questions, let me know below or in a PM ! you can also, of course, probably find more info about me on my profile or in my roleplay resume. i look forward to meeting any potential roleplay partners. (:
  2. Anyone? ;-;
  3. Still looking !!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.