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Hidden Powers

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Saren, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. James sat in a dark room. It was void of any light; no windows, a black door and floors and the walls were made of a strange and obscured metal-plastic hybrid. It was engineered specifically to have a high heat capacity, so it wouldn't burn or melt as quickly. He had curled his knees up to his chest in a poor effort to shield himself against the overpowering darkness. His zip up jacket hung limp around his body as he sat still, almost like a statue.

    James was alone. And he hated it. He hated not knowing where he was, the cramped room he sat in, and most of all, he hated not being able to see the sun. He felt like he was shriveling up, simply to wither away into nothing in the unlit room.

    Just when he felt like he was ready to give up, a lock clicked on the door. A small light crept through the bottom of the door, and a tray slid on the black floor to rest in front of his feet. A bottle of water with a bowl of hot soup with a slice of bread sat in front of him, but then the light disappeared and James scowled. They only wanted to feed him, but he would have been much better if they'd given him liquid sun. He was reluctant to eat, but after a moment of defiance, James picked up the spoon and began to eat. He had finished his meal when the lock clicked again and a Sucker Fish walked in. He was wearing the odd metallic-plastic as armor with a helmet around his head. He pulled James to his feet and pushed him out the door. The light James thought he saw had been nothing more than artificial lighting, something he despised. The Sucker Fish walked him down a few flight of stairs into a massive room. It housed tables and couches, and there were people his age sitting around and talking with one another.

    The Sucker Fish released James' hands and allowed him to go into the room. Even in the big common area, there were no windows anywhere, and the lighting was powered by an outside source. He sighed, taking a seat on one of the empty couches, finding that no one cared about a newcomer. He looked around, a scowl writing itself onto his face. He wanted to be outside. He could see through a reinforced-glass door, and the sight was enough to make him long for his outdoors. It was bright and beautiful and perhaps the best thing of all: sunny. Not a cloud in the sky that he could see. Of course, the Sucker Fish would never let him out. If they did, they would all be dead by super-heated fire and he would be busting his way out. The thought made him sigh and glance around again, but nothing new had happened. It seemed like nothing ever happened.

    Even in the big room with other empowered people, others like him, he was alone.

    ((So it's totally not confusing, Sucker Fish are the 'guards' of the facility. Some have the special power of 'sucking' the energy/strength/power of the others, and the ones who don't have that power are given a device that functions the same way. Sucker Fish is the slang term for them. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :3))
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.